Lyndon Rivers: “Don’t Wait Until Your Future Comes” flourishes!

The record is a combination of styles – pop, rock, chill, electro – rolled into one blissed-out track. These are styles that Lyndon Rivers, who’s been releasing music for a while, has written before, but never with such depth and focus…and all in the same track. “Don’t Wait Until Your Future Comes” opens with a sustained piano rhythm and a powerful male vocal. But these are just the first fleeting sparks of energy the track uses to launch itself into various passages of ever-changing rhythms. Recently the contents of Rivers’ records have suggested an infinite pool of sounds. The worlds of commercial pop and electronic music have never converged in quite the way they have with the English-born Australian resident. In his solo productions, he is a daring and innovative artist.

Lyndon Rivers makes no artistic compromise on his projects, and on each subsequent release he presents his artistic vision in a purer form than anything he’s done before. It is at times unapologetically pop, at others purposefully retro, but it’s also utterly, defiantly weird, flouting conventions of rhythm, composition and sound.

Rivers creates sounds with uncanny tactile qualities, as if imagining physical materials from some alternate reality – warm and organic one moment, metallic and electrified the next. His rhythms, too, are varied and unique.

“Don’t Wait Until Your Future Comes” writhes and thrashes to echoing piano grooves, before switching to a softer, weightless quality.  And then slides into a soaring chorus on top of wailing synths and melodramatic vocals. That would be more than enough to make this an extraordinary record, but there’s another dimension here that elevates this music even further.

Rivers has just gotten better at his cross genre blending, reinforcing his music with straight-ahead thump. He also takes the emotional quality of techno and house, and pumps it up to epic levels, before injecting it with soaring melodies.

But what really makes Lyndon Rivers music exciting is the sense that you don’t know where it is going next, the feeling of the familiar being twisted into new shapes. There’s plenty of that here, and “Don’t Wait Until Your Future Comes” retains his tendency to go off on tangents, while the focus on a dance-pop-inspired rhythm allows the everything-at-once nature of his best work.

In this mode, Rivers flourishes, other times he flows, and mostly, he just sounds like he’s getting so acquainted with it all now. The percussion has a ragged, loose quality that makes them feel more energetic, and the rhythms seethe, ripple and disappear with unusual volatility, offsetting euphoric chords. Wait till you hear this track on a big system!


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