frixion dance: “Soundboy” EP – A combination of Electronic flavors

Producers Phil Joseph, Len Bailey and Wayne Turner make up the project frixion dance that has been around since 1994, doing house, dance, jungle, and big room music. They have just dropped off their EP single called “Soundboy”. The track comes in various electronic flavors like the “Big Room Remix”, “Drum & Bass Mix”, “Dance Mix” and the “Instrumental Mix”. In its purest form, “Soundboy” is raw, stripped-to-the-bone and ready for the dancefloor. It combines a stepping beat with ferocious splurges of hooky electronic riffs and is percussively spring-loaded, fast and fun. The varying mixes take the arrangement through earth-shattering bass and rapid-fire breakbeats, each unravelling its distinctive musical features.

With genuine links to (and credibility within) the underground, they are definitely not a pop act with chart ambitions and expectations, like some of their pseudo genre peers. The EP brings together the various sounds and styles that the trio have explored, with serious nods to club dance floors and festival main stages. “Soundboy” is a record with the potential to cement frixion dance’s place at the top; paying tribute to the roots and foundations of their music, tracking their evolution, and also offering scope for exploring the newer aspects of their sound.

When they are firing on all cylinders – as they are on “Sound Boy (Big Room Remix)” – there’s no denying that the trio can play alongside some of the best in the EDM business, and thankfully there are more than a few glimpses of that on display here on the EP.

On “Soundboy”, frixion dance stay away from the clichés of mainstream attraction, instead going for the blood-pumping anarchy of “Sound Boy (Drum & Bass Mix)”.

The track represents Drum & Bass at its most soulful, raw, and uncut level. It’s a production that champions the classic DnB form, giving it an impeccable frixion dance treatment. If you’re a skeptic of DnB or new to the genre, “Sound Boy (Drum & Bass Mix)” is a good place to start.

An even better place to start however, if you want the full-on frixion dance sonic impact, is right at the beginning of this EP, with “Sound Boy (Big Room Remix)”.

 Pushing and pulling the emotion dynamic, the track is layered with massive synths, epic percussion and vocal adlibs that create a perfect introduction to the explosive electronics to be found on the four tracks on the EP.

The “Soundboy” EP does not simply contain a fistful of explosive hits for you to bounce around to: it is far more adventurous in its scope and vision. Including intelligent, morphed forms of the original tune in each remix. This is great music to listen to on various devices, providing your woofers can handle it; however the best place is probably live at a gig, just for the incredible atmosphere that frixion dance would bring to each of the tracks.


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