Lyndon Rivers: “Count On Me” – a collage of funky quirks

There is something truly special about “Count On Me”, the latest track by producer Lyndon Rivers. I have always liked Lyndon, but this is a new high for him. It’s got so much feeling behind it and some truly spectacular sounds for him. It sounds like a unique mix of Kool and the Gang, Daft Punk and Coldplay – three different genres and styles thrown into the melting pot for a delicious musical stew. It really seems like Lyndon wanted to do something very different from his other work, and it absolutely is. It’s still spacey and futuristic, with the funky disco-styled beats we’ve all come to know and love – but it’s also seems to be harkening back to his past – to his roots – and even into his own heart, soul, and memories. “Count On Me” should be a standard for mature and thoughtful dance/electronica fans, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Clearly I must be mature and thoughtful!

“Count On Me” crosses several decades of musical styles and techniques. Lyndon Rivers has joined different generations and genres of music in this track – which is one of his major prerogatives of late. It brings back funky disco in a way that it sounds like the music for the future.

Easy to listen to and fun and upbeat to dance to the productions values shine throughout. This is a wonderful example of first rate mixing and mastering. Most will immediately notice it is dynamically less abrupt in its time changes than many other of Lyndon’s more recent tracks.

This sacrifice in overall stop-start dynamicity, however, yields massive rewards in the smoothness, punch, and feel of the track. I feel “Count On Me” is superior to those previous tracks which often traded their smooth dancefloor linearity for mixing creativity. This one flows both musically and melodically.

The tempo changes are smooth and even, as are the breakdowns and buildups. This certainly makes “Count On Me” less challenging, and more club and radio friendly. An entrancing and endlessly entertaining musical experience, this tune can easily soundtrack a great party, but also rewards the focused listener with a collage of fascinating quirks.

Lyndon Rivers’ tracks are usually too ambitious to evaluate after one listen, its music that constantly surprises. On the other hand, some of his melodies are freakishly familiar, which is a testament to his strengths. It’s an affront, a bold challenge, to the kingdom of current EDM which reigns globally.

The luxurious, syncopated keys is the first thing you notice in the opening mantra on “Count On Me”, which, somewhat audaciously, appoints Lyndon Rivers as the chief resuscitator of classic-styled dance music in 2019. This track is an amazing blend of Lyndon’s musical craft with 70’s funk and 80’s groove.

Lyndon’s decision to give a new twist to old school styles saves current EDM from being just another set of cloned throwaway electronic tunes gathering dust on the shelf. This record once again proves that Lyndon’s craft is timeless because he can adapt to the times while remaining true to himself and his style.


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