Reedukay: “Every Day Motto” – bringing a new light and vision to the culture

In today’s culture, rap and hip hop music is often associated with expletives, sexually charged, violent lyrics, and awful messages. If they give it the time of day, most parents will be shamed for it. So they won’t play it in their homes and might easily write it off as bad music. However, there’s a small handful of artists and musicians who want to redeem this genre of music. They want to show the world that hip hop has a voice, with culture that can bring wonderful art and meaningful messages.

Reedukay (Joshua Shelron Mcgee) is a music engineer, producer and poetic artist from Kansas. Also known as RK he strives to create positive music with no vulgar language, therefore making it available to all audiences. One reason being, he has three children who love to listen to his music.

Reedukay started out on Karaoke at the age of 4, and while growing up he turned to poetry and the spoken word, before he decided to take things seriously at the age of 18. He can be proudly thought of as a fully-fledged one-man show, considering that he writes, performs, produces, mixes and masters his own work.

He also creates his own videos and takes care of the graphic design work on his media. Reedukay’s music is tasteful and clever, with clean and original lyrics. He balances out discussing hard topics with a lightness that makes him easy to enjoy. If you’re looking for an amazing artist that you could play in front of your kids, look no further than Reedukay.

The best place to start would be with his single “Every Day Motto”, taken off the album “Reeducation Part. 2: Get Reeducated”. Unlike many other hip hop artists, Reedukay uses his story in powerful ways to encourage the world around him. His music is bold, raw and thought-provoking.

He stays away from being explicit, while still being honest and powerful, as he tells us to “keep on pushing”, while he narrates the substance of his daily grind. Reedukay’s delivery – melodic and dead-eyed carries an uphill determination. Every bar contains a different emotion based off Reedukay’s sharply focused mind and you can really hear the love and passion for the music.

It’s hard to believe:  a rap artist that’s not talking about their money, drugs and how they’re going to steal your woman. But rather an artist who actually has something intelligent to say about his daily journey through life, that doesn’t influence negative nihilistic ideas on others.

Reedukay lets us in on what he’s doing, where his state of mind is, and where we can hope to see him in the future. If you haven’t already done so, turn the radio off and listen to something different. Reedukay solidifies his sound and engraves it in stone with this track, as he sounds so comfortable and melodic on the beat.

In a world full of harsh and crude rappers, Reedukay is one of a few amazing artists out there who want to bring a new light and vision to the culture. Take time to grab some headphones or high quality speakers and dive into the sounds of this song.


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