Caroline Gustavsson: “Breaking Down My Walls” forges sophistication and honesty

Based in Stockholm, Swedish singer/songwriter Caroline Gustavsson, has been writing songs professionally since 2011 and been awarded both gold and platinum for her works. Caroline who releases her debut single, “Breaking Down My Walls”, is also the founder and owner of the publishing company Minda Songs. She’s been writing poems and lyrics from a young age and has learnt how to play the piano and guitar. “Breaking Down My Walls” is written straight from the heart,” says Caroline, “with the hope to inspire others to dare to be vulnerable, to believe you’re beautiful and complete just as you are, here and now.” Wholesome, enjoyable, relaxing, Caroline Gustavsson absolutely knocks it out of the park, with an overall solid single. The content is original and nothing like the clichéd rubbish littering the pop music scene today.

Caroline’s voice is fantastic, exhibiting great control and confidence across her entire register; great highs and lows while not overdoing it. Chill and relaxed, yet empowering and uplifting “Breaking Down My Walls” just gets under your skin.

Caroline is here to provide arrangements, vocals, and songwriting talent that stand out from the tired and well-worn norms of music in 2019. She hardly has any peers because only a handful of artists are making this type of pure and heartfelt music that is so well performed. Her writing is incredibly honest and intelligent, and emotionally she resonates.

Her music is superb, employing a blend of traditional and electronic instruments, largely avoiding the expected stereotypical sounds from these sources. The arrangement creates subtle, highly nuanced layers of sound – when you listen – listen closely; the sound textures are brilliant.

A great songwriter, an honest soul, outstanding musicianship, and a beautiful voice, Miss Gustavsson is a treat, a rare find in today’s jumble of so much sound-alike noisy junk. Caroline is a master of observing the space between the feelings, the nuances and the subtleties that most current songwriters steamroll over.

“Breaking Down My Walls” sounds like everything you love and nothing you’ve ever heard before. It takes tropes of pop, alt-folk and electronic– and presents them in a fresh context. Her lyrical style emphasizes thoughtful, poetic storytelling, vivid imagery and introspection, to create song that is as catchy as it is thoughtful.

It forges a sophistication and stateliness that only comes when you straighten out the corners and broaden your appeal. Caroline is one of the few new artist with an already distinctive style. She delivers a melody you’ll love and remember on first listen, and you’ll play it immediately after the first listen too.

Simply by listening to her performance, I’m pretty sure Caroline Gustavsson does not have the ability to write a bad song. I found “Breaking Down My Walls” especially satisfying. It is rich in sound, imagery, symbolism, and meaning, with musical strands woven through to give unity and a sense of wholeness. Her vocals are butter smooth and she is easy on the eyes, resulting in a beautiful voice and girl!


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