Eleaze: “A Song for Bonita” – a song born of pure human emotion

Hailing from the small village of Cassopolis, Michigan, independent artist Eleaze is skyrocketing in the world of R&B music. The Michigan native, now Los Angelean currently has a single out, entitled “A Song for Bonita”. Everything on it, is elevated – from the vocals, to the instrumentation and the arrangement. Eleaze’s vocals are themselves more technically exact, caressing, and powerful when necessary. His instincts on when to sing, when to sing-talk, and when to rap to better serve this material are sharp, often letting the power of a straight forward lyric be enough in any chosen moment. Though it features a contemporary palette of sounds, the core of Eleaze’s motifs here hearken back to traditional, old school values.

There’s a laid-backness about the song – it never rushes, thriving at its deliberate pace. Overall, the production work is brilliant, anchored by a shimmering, cleanly plucked guitar. Given the artistic sensibilities of Eleaze, this is a match made in heaven.

The record speaks on the power of love for that special person. Throughout its course, Eleaze delivers a soulful vocal performance. That vocal performance includes superb range, excellent falsetto, and most importantly, singing with incredible authenticity.  The song commences in quirky fashion, with Eleaze sort of speaking, quasi-rapping, and then employing his singing voice.

Soon enough, the listener understands the direction he is going in, as he reminds us of a time when music was purer and all you needed was a few instruments and one powerful voice. In fact, when you listen to this track, you will get a very clear picture of just who Eleaze is as an artist.

While Eleaze shows his ability to compose amazing lyrics on this track, he also combines a melody that definitively complements the music and narrative. The song makes you want to play it again and again. The arrangement was so good that I found myself humming and nodding along, without realizing it.

In addition, Eleaze has a dynamic vocal range and he knows how to use it well. Part R&B, part Jazz and with a sprinkle of hip-hop, “A Song for Bonita” is an easy, soulful listen that can elevate and uplift anyone with an appreciation for music. It showcases the soothing qualities of Eleaze’s voice, which puts you in a trance and inspires you to listen to it in its entirety.

In a time where song content can be degrading, Eleaze seeks to pull us out of the lyrical gutter. If you’re looking for a track with substance, both musically and lyrically, within the R&B genre then this is worth listening to. In summary, “A Song for Bonita” is a song born of pure human emotion.

It truly speaks to the soul of any listener, young or old. Whether this is your first time listening to Eleaze or you are a faithful follower of him, this track will be a great addition to any playlist. For one, Eleaze has a message and the message is in the music.

Eleaze has been making his sound felt more than ever by taking care of fans, releasing a new song every couple of weeks for the past 3 months since releasing his Debut EP “HER” back in 2017. Follow him on Spotify to make sure you don’t miss any of the releases to come!


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