JBlade: “Angie” leaves awe in its wake

A couple of days ago, I found myself listening to the latest track by JBlade with great intention. Rather than mindlessly consuming his music for aesthetic pleasure, background noise, I made the conscious decision to listen intently to JBlade’s music with the focus of nuancing and articulating his bars and rhymes. Filled with a mesmerizing melody, insightful and affecting lyrics, and an intensely slow burning indie rock soundscape, JBlade’s latest release “Angie” leaves awe in its wake. The artist deviates from the mainstream as an artist but rather than hindering his performance it will surely secure the love and respect of serious fans. Born in Port Huron, Mi and raised in multiple towns. Jeremy (JBlade) Jackson uses his lyrics to share his life story. He reaches out to the community by working with multiple charities and considers himself a role model for the younger generation, hence he avoids too strong or vulgar language.

The most significant contribution to the distinctiveness of JBlade’s music here, besides his vocal delivery, is his crafty use of organically sounding instrumentation infused into the beat. In “Angie” you’ll find his usage of bold basslines, bare percussion, and crunchy overdriven guitars, giving his sound extra vitality.

All of the little accents woven throughout the music itself as well as the honesty and flow of his lyrics contribute to make this track a cohesive, entrancing, and absolutely respectable addition to JBlade’s musical catalog. Sonically, he takes a much different approach on this release in respect to his previous ones.

“Angie” captures JBlade at a creative apex where he’s acutely aware of where he’s been and where he can go. And it also finds him at his most introspective, as he deals with the remembrance of the loss of his sister. It’s a record brimming with love and affection, and with it, a powerful aura of spirituality.

Given the nature of this music, JBlade’s affliction and loss might be the reason he’s taken even more seriously as a rapper from here on out. In addition, JBlade proves to be among the very best at spitting bars against a good beat. With an ear for good production, he pulls in a couple of talented producers and musicians to enhance his most significant effort as an artist.

Navigating across driven basslines and fiery guitars, JBlade’s wordplay cuts with a delivery that is more melodic and impacting than before, as he lays his soul to bare. It’s a perfect pairing for the track’s emotional atmosphere.

JBlade presents listeners with indisputable moments of hope, faith and determination, but it’s also clear that his pain and loss, is evident and ongoing. JBlade’s manner of working his way through his personal ordeal comes by way of faith, and crafting immaculate music. Which is exactly what he does with “Angie”.

Most surprising to me, was JBlade’s singing voice, which is a whole lot more than I was expecting from a rapper. Not only is he able to hold down a tune, but actually emote beautifully with it. No doubt, “Angie” will deservingly gain him accolades and respect.


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