Marc Sisco: “The Counselor” – stimulating electronic music

“Healing Doctor” is a song written and composed by electronic artist, Marc Sisco, and taken off his album of original music, entitled “The Counselor”, which is his fourth album release. In sum, the record is full of incredible surprises. Sisco twists his familiar tropes into likable and catchy ways, almost never missing a beat on development or dramatic tension. The whole record has a mindfulness of progression that is instantly likeable as the sound moves through synth-pop and techno motifs. Not of course, before having started out on a seducing, ambient synth-string soundscape that is designed by the album’s title track.

Having listened to “The Counselor” in full a multitude, I can assuredly say this is among Marc Sisco best work – if not simply his best work. The album really has a soul and driving conviction that carries the listener all the way through it.

Whether it meets your expectations and/or demands of what electronic music should sound like in 2019, the album, does, on its own, establish itself as a consistently satisfying listen. Sisco sounds comfortable in his specific sonic sphere. Sincerity has always been an important ingredient for me in music or anything really, and I believe the songs here are consistently sincere in their composition and execution.

From when the album switches up a notch on the rhythmic and cinematic sounding single, “Healing Doctor”, which is also the album’s standout centerpiece, the recording hits on multiple levels which make it an interesting, remarkable and unique find.

It remains free of the tritest trends in electronic music happening today so in that respect it sounds fresh. Each song has enough going on to evolve upon repeated listens but not too much to overburden the mix.  There are sophisticated little nuances you begin to notice on subsequent listening, on a fleshed out track like “Field 17”, thus the album grows with time and reveals its deeper soul.

Yet melody and rhythm is ripe and sweet right off the vine as well – on “Structure” the percussive and synth juices are ready to stick in your brain, while “Computer Logic” insistently worms its way under your skin.

There is a pleasant urgency abound that is both mesmerizing and stimulating, with the beats hitting hard enough on some songs to evoke dancing of some kind. Marc Sisco takes time to reveal each song to you, allowing you to appreciate each and every sound you hear, because his arrangements are clean and neatly packed.

It’s a sound that inspires motivation in whatever you are doing. The rhythms and melodies blend together very nicely. Making for an accessible slice of atmospheric techno, underpinned by a seductive tapestry of tasty synths and elegant pads that fade in and out.

Only a few artists transcend the narrowly-set parameters of techno, in terms of musical construction and overall appeal, and Marc Sisco falls into that group. “The Counselor” may be electronic music but the sound is anything but clinical with its compelling textures and beats. Evoking vivid imagery, the mood varies from inspirational to decidedly urgent. So if your mind is starving for some stimulating electronic music, let your ears nibble on this.


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