RMZ Keez NataS: “Holy Duppy” – typically fierce and pointed!

2019 sees the musician and author from RoMeZHooD RevolutionaryMotivationZone – RMZ Keez NataS – bounce back with a brand new single, entitled “Holy Duppy”. For those, this side of the ocean not in the know, “duppy” is used in Jamaican culture to reference someone who does not exist. It is also used to mention the malevolent spirits and has its origins in an old African religion. It is sometimes used in insulting contexts and could refer to someone who should not exist for insulting the community, insulting the earth, and paying no respect to elders such Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie.

In the UK, the word “duppy” is also used as an insult in Grime culture, meaning to kill and make non-existent. It also happens to be in the title of a track released by Skepta in 2006. And more recently Drake used it in a diss response to Pusha T.

Listening to RMZ Keez NataS’ “Holy Duppy”, you can make up your mind about the intention and meaning of his narrative, as we’re not here to impose our interpretation of the artist’s vision. That would be unfair and presumptuous on our behalf. Especially since RMZ Keez NataS is such a focused and detailed narrator, whose storytelling needs no superfluous clarification.

It’s all there in his rhymes and flow from bar one. Just listen. This is truly a powerful single. It’s sad that educated and thoughtful artists like RMZ Keez NataS aren’t getting radio play, mainly because of their strong political, social and cultural views, while trash artists pushing negativity and ignorance fill the airwaves.

Underground, raw and edgy, “Holy Duppy” is another brick in the artist’s solid foundation. RMZ Keez NataS is undoubtedly one of the more outstanding underground rappers to emerge from the UK during the last few years. That might sound like a hype statement, if you’re just looking at technical rapping, or massive beats and major features.

But if you look at what an artist is bringing to the table, beyond beats and flow, then RMZ Keez NataS has revolutionary status, as he propels his concept of Self-Reliance, Peace & Power through his music.

RMZ Keez NataS is one of those rare breed of emcees who is able to effectively communicate with all the hip hop community whether it be the streets or the deep-thinking heads. Perfectly meshing hard-hitting social commentary with Rastafarian culture, his tracks are almost motivational, and certainly empowering.

Charismatic, intelligent and skilled, he has tremendous energy and sounds totally unleashed on “Holy Duppy”, as he seeks to free your mind from conventional chains.

On “Holy Duppy” RMZ Keez NataS has something to say. You just need to listen. Better still, he has wrapped his lyrical content inside a hand-clapping, head-banging beat that is hard to resist. The verses are typically fierce and pointed, seemingly trying to one-up the beat at every turn. RMZ Keez NataS has no time for subtleties in 2019, warning us to readjust the paths we’re heading down.

That the record is front-to-end fantastic is probably the least surprising development. RMZ Keez NataS is confidently asserting his place among those at the top of hip-hop’s currently crowded underground pantheon.



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