Akyta: “Coming Home” goes for specificity over platitudes

Akyta is an incredibly talented R&B and Trap singer.  Despite his talents, the emotions-on-his-sleeves singer is incredibly underrated.  Part of the reason is because he takes a different approach compared to his contemporaries.  Rather than simply singing about sex, he focuses on courting passion and love on his track “Coming Home”. Moody pads initiate the track, perfect for setting the tone of the record.

On the first verse, Akyta showcases his yearning, his remorse, amplified by vocals: “I’m coming home / Our love is gone / Feeling all alone. Not here wasting / Not here wasting my time. I’m just missing the days / We were kissing / Sorry for cheating / I’m sorry for cheating.” While his authenticity and honesty is his selling point, it’s refreshing to hear him sing about love, and avoiding all the clichés in urban contemporary music.

Ultimately, “Coming Home” showcases the great amount of potential that Akyta has to offer as an artist. Vocally, he easily has the pipes to succeed. Additionally, he has the lyrics to truly fuel the fire. Akyta lays himself bare, as he croons with a smooth R&B sensibility and a Trap edge, which is most certainly his signature sound.

Though reminiscent of a few of his peers, who have arguably perfected this street-singing sound, Akyta’s voice and lyrical content connect in a way that is uninhibited. It’s not contrived for marketing or sales. When you listen you’re intensely drawn in by its grit and soul.

His lateral approach to music expression and storytelling is sure to take his career far. He’s a bonafide natural vocalist, proving he needs no auto-tune to show off his singing chops (though he may use it for effect), while lyrically he proves that he’s unafraid to go where his heart leads him.

If Akyta proves nothing else with this track it’s that he offers far more dimensions than the usual trap-soul sound. Moreover, “Coming Home” is an opportunity for Alsina to show that he’s the real deal and here to stay.

Akyta consistently goes for specificity over platitudes, honing in on his subject matter: “You very far from here I can sense what you feel / I was on the clouds when we were up on that hill / No need to waste no time I’m just here to get a chill.” Add that to a voice that growls and soars, and can backflip into falsetto on dime, and you have a heartfelt winning track with serious impacting aesthetics.

It remains to be seen whether or not his current realness will be tainted with any probable fame and fortune that will come his way. Only time will tell. But what’s certain thus far, is that Akyta is someone with something honest to say. It’s pretty safe to declare Akyta has earned the ears of the public with “Coming Home”, but what he’ll do with them from now on, is completely up to him.


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