Malaki Rodgers: “Butterflies In Clouds” brings a different taste to the genre

Malaki Rodgers is a music artist during January 2019. from California who mixes Rap, R&B and Pop. His latest release is 4 track EP “Butterflies In Clouds”, released during January 2019. His story, his appearance, and his style are all things we’ve seen from other upcoming rap freshmen. Malaki is part of the new breed of rapper spawned on Internet sites like Soundcloud, where their daily output makes them stand out and be noticed. Unlike some of his peers, he has no ties to any modern rap icons, hence this newcomer is on the lookout for ample opportunities to really prove himself, and this EP, his first serious collective release, is aimed at going in that direction.

Malaki’s flow and his approach to rapping are both extremely simple and efficient, as he sing-songs his lyrics in a similar manner to his more famous contemporaries, while maintaining the benefit of having an immensely comfortable amount of melody and restraint.

His ability is even more apparent when placed next to the larger than life artists who have made into the mainstream, and have become big because of their iconic and fun styles. In contrast, Malaki Rodgers is not ready to play second fiddle, and on many of the better songs that are contained on “Butterflies In Clouds”, shows off his own unique style.

The rapper make this apparent on the opening track “Mess”, which opens with a quirky string-like progression and an even quainter vocal flow. What Malaki is spitting, isn’t incredibly fast or technical, rather his bars are searching for cleverness and a slight amount of silliness that grabs the spotlight here.

Most of his one-liners bring an element of peculiar enjoyment, giving the idea of being totally freestyled on the spur of the moment. “Butterfly” confirms the artist’s penchant for bizarre beats, which are a far cry from the usual mass manufactured productions downloadable from online beat markets.

Here again, Malaki uses intricate, syncopated string lines, supported by wailing synths and the occasional set of horns, all driven by banging percussion interludes. “Lonely Boy” sees Malaki Rodgers switching down the tone and tempo, almost breaking into a subtle croon with his offbeat style, backing up his melancholy voice with a solo piano which forms the bare-knuckled foundation for the lines: “I’m a lonely boy just looking for love.”

“Make it Right” falls between a spoken word confession and an introspective rap excursion, as Malaki confesses that he fucked up in a relationship, and wants to try and make things right again. Along with helping to turn rap into a curious pop-hop vibe, his tracks are creatively eccentric, strangely contagious, and never enhanced by rousing choruses or catchy hooks.

is an odd thing in an era of massive choruses and big hooks. The EP, “Butterflies In Clouds”, is by no means perfect in the conventional way, but Malaki Rodgers’ offbeat, and nonchalant style, together with his iconic productions, brings a different taste to the genre.


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