Gliffo: “Get The Sun In Your Head” – a good-vibe track that will unite people!

German artist and entrepreneur, Gliffo, used to play the saxophone until his full-time job subtracted all the time he needed to exercise his passion. Now, some years later, Gliffo got melody stuck in his head, which he then sent to Berlin based music producer Jörg Sieghart, who is also a multi-instrumentalist. They subsequently elaborated on the melody and put together the Pop/Rock single, entitled “Get The Sun In Your Head”, which was released on the 15th of February. The song is about opening your mind, forgetting your sorrows and just letting yourself chill out!

Gliffo and Selin

It’s a positive track, and positivity is good, especially right now with all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world. I respect and appreciate that very much, and I think they nailed that feeling on this record. In a sense, it’s admirable how Gliffo and his collaborators play to their strengths on this record.

What makes Gliffo unique is simply how he approaches his music. He and Jörg Sieghart have an adoration for lushly layered soundscapes paired with rich harmonies, crystal clear lead vocals, banging drums, crunchy rock guitars and all other sorts of interesting aural aesthetics.

Their music sounds kind of like a sonic ride to another galaxy. A fun trip that you should absolutely be taking part in. The video also heightened my appreciation for this Gliffo and his production crew’s creativity and opened my eyes to the high commercial possibilities for the single in the AOR market.

The overall sound of “Get The Sun In Your Head” is upbeat and airy in the best way possible. The pop-rock vibe combined with colorful vocals makes this track a sublime summer release perfect for long drives or party hang outs where everybody can singalong, as this is a good-vibe track that will unite people.

The cover artwork

Gliffo comes across as genuine an unassuming, and seems to be having a great time singing the song, as well as performing in the video. Obviously the German entrepreneur has not lost his passion for music since his saxophone playing days.

Instrumentally speaking, “Get The Sun In Your Head” relies heavily on its rhythmic components and a groove-focused impetus, to underscore the catchy melody. Multi-instrumentalist Jörg Sieghart covers all bases, from drums to bass, keyboards and guitars, and is ably supported by Markolf Ehrig on violin.

Alongside Gliffo, on the lead and backing vocals, is Selin Akbaba, who does a great job in bringing a sweeter melodic tone to the proceedings. The result is a production that feels slick, thought out, and detailed.

The clean production style really compliments the sound that I think Gliffo and Sieghart was going for, and it allows for particular moments of stunningly rich music. Making ambitious pop-rock music isn’t easy in the independent scene, but Gliffo and his cohorts have totally succeeded. Not only that, they are also releasing two House remixes of “Get The Sun In Your Head”, especially made for the dancefloor!


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