Linda: “Take Me I’m Yours” – open, vulnerable and relatable

Linda Washington is a native from Massachusetts, and a mother of four children who has been working in the health field as a nurse for over ten years. She is a published author of a number of books from “Believing That You Belong After Having a Mastectomy” to “Forbidden and Broken – Finding Love Behind The Scars”. Linda has now released her music single, “Take Me I’m Yours”. The song finds Linda continuing to fight her inner demons and trying to empower other women who may find themselves in a similar physical, emotional and psychological state. A breast cancer survivor, she pushed away the one man that touched her soul due to her feeling unattractive and having a fear of being rejected. After having recovered from that experience Linda started dating again, only to fall prey to serious physical abuse, and then be told that she wasn’t a real woman, hence no one would ever want her.

Those negative experiences compelled and inspired Linda to write the song, “Take Me I’m Yours”, in the hope that other women would be able to benefit and learn something positive from the ordeals she has suffered. The song is literally her innermost thoughts and feelings.

This is her take on true love from someone who gives her all she needs and sees the beauty in all her faults. Linda is very conversational in her R&B flavored delivery, as she gets everything out of head and heart, singing in the first person.

For all its simplicity, “Take Me I’m Yours” is a well-produced record by all means.  It’s set in a mellow understated key, featuring warm earthy keys and a slick, anchoring beat.  Basically, it fuses the best of urban, pop, and electronic worlds.  That’s the dominant sound these days, and “Take Me I’m Yours” nails it, in a beautifully restrained way.

Vocally, Linda sounds sultry and sincere, singing in low-key fashion – an undertone if you will.  This is a careful and focused approach – captivating in nature – it makes for a mature, engaging and intriguing vocal delivery. And far removed from the usual R&B shrieking and shouting.

Linda actually sounds invested, which we know she is, and therefore commanding within the production.  His vocals are authentically alluring, in consequence to her empathy and subtlety.  “Take Me I’m Yours” is what many of us wish that pop music sounded like; raw, honest.

It’s a very open, vulnerable and relatable song that could truly become the anthem of a whole generation of women. Cancer of any kind is something that is still so heavily stigmatized, while breast cancer can have a devastating psychological effect on women, so we need more artists like Linda using the media platforms they have, to share their experiences and spread awareness and understanding.

And that’s what this song perfectly does. It gives an unfiltered look into her inner thoughts and processes as she comes to terms with what, and why, she feels the way she does about love, and the special person providing her with that powerful and healing sentiment.

“Take Me I’m Yours” showcases a positive light and a sense of growth and self-worth through her empowering storytelling. She’s certainly a songwriter, and a singer, but she’s also a sincere, big-hearted human being with exiting potential.

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