Marc Lamar: “Vibe” – the perfect summertime groove!

Marc Lamar a new upcoming artist born and raised in Miami Florida. Music is one of his many talents. The support Lamar gets from his fans Aka his Check Squad makes him strive for more. To Marc: “it’s something about piecing together a masterpiece and seeing what you have at the end that makes it so special.” When was the last time you heard a summer tune that sent a shot of cool grove through your body? If it’s been too long, then you’re going to love Marc Lamar’s single, “Vibe”. Whether you plan on soaking up rays on the beach or more likely to get a tan from your laptop screen, you’ll surely find this summer hit just right to set you in a good mood.

In the 90s, summer music was always a perfect blend of dance cuts and playful raps. More often than not it was a combination of the two. If hip-hop is your speed, then you want the right mix of warmth, nostalgia, and surprise. Marc Lamar brings that feeling back so you can fire up the grill and turn up the music, with this playing on your hip-hop BBQ playlist.

It starts with the beat. It’s sparse and horny (in the sense of brass horny!), and by the time Lamar’s voice comes on, you’re already hooked. It’s the perfect summertime groove for getting down and goofy.

Just a few months away from the sun beaming, the waves crashing, and the beaches calling your name. This is the time of the year when stress levels are lowered, cocktails are poured, joints are sparked and the finer things in life are enjoyed. This is the time to catch Marc Lamar on his vibe.

The Miami artist shows us how easy it is to put together a feel-good summertime track – a simple brass motif, a bouncing 808-styled boom, running the rhythm, and a smooth easy-going vocal flow. Lamar’s salacious contribution to the summer playlist is also one of the catchiest.

The combination of Marc Lamar’s melodic flow and the high-end production will certainly make this a season favorite. Even though he comfortably sits there, Marc Lamar just doesn’t fit into any one particular genre, but rather strives to blur the genre lines.

And when you listen to his music, maybe to songs like “Troubles & Struggles” (Ft. Sav Montana), “Started Out A Kid”, and “Check Squad”, you’ll see how the lines are blurred as well. His music makes the listener feel alive and confident. There is also an empathy within his music, and I feel like he writes from empathy, as well as experience.

The music is creative, edgy, and honest, and definitely worth your time, and your most attentive ear.  It’s hard to decide which of Marc Lamar’s tracks is his best, because that depends on the mood you’re looking for at any given time, but undoubtedly, “Vibe” is all-round damn great!


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