Abryon is a part of urban music’s new wave reinvention!

Abryon is an 18 year old RnB and Hip Hop artist from Charlotte, NC who started singing at the young age of 6. If the subjects on Abryon are instantly relatable, that’s because they are made of the stuff of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. However, his music isn’t so much about youthful social commentary as it is about post-millennial youth. There’s no sense of pretentious conceptualizing here, only real straightforward lyrics about youth aspirations of life and love. On “Teenage Fever Remix” produced by TDaProducer, the young singer tackles his lyrics with the kind of casual syrupy delivery akin to his respectable and famed new wave peers.

However, while that voice is compelling in itself, it’s the addictive melody that will land this slow burning track in a number of playlists. The growling synth bass riffs along with the smooth-like-butter vocals give this song a laid back, atmospheric vibe. Unlike other R&B artists, who get their start from hype tracks, this is a slow jam with clean vocals and a sharp production.

This chill, vibe-out tune is the type of song you listen to late at night when you’re in reflective mode. Its somber love song with emotions felt by any listener, which shows Abryon’s ability to compose and croon a full-on new age ballad.

Abryon doesn’t give us excessive sounding runs and bellowing falsettos. Instead, he has a resonating, powerful and warm voice that puts listeners in a relaxed trance. His unique vocal prowess is what stands out in this song. Abryon has a way of weaving elements of R&B, soul and pop into infectiously catchy beats.

And he does that without being overtly saccharine or resorting to any derivative drop-that bass. On “COOL” produced by GLIZZYNEXUS, Abryon changes it up. The harmonious intro, the repetitive keyboard chords and the steady snapping and percussion elements define raw talent.

Besides the musicality, the lyricism is genuine and vibrant, making listeners feel like they’re actually surrounded by the scenery in Abryon’s narratives. The poignant, emotive storytelling is nicely paired with a simple yet effective melody.

His ability not only to successfully navigate foggy-headed R&B, but also to play glide over glimmering hip-hop beats, shows his versatility as an artist as well as a vocalist. Through his lyrics, production and lyrics, Abryon is a part of urban music’s reinvention, channeling sounds that bringing a hybrid flavors of the Weeknd and Bryson Tiller, among others, allowing us to experience it through the genre’s continued progressiveness.

Everything about Abryon’s music is high quality. “COOL” prod. by GLIZZYNEXUS and “Teenage Fever Remix” prod. by TDaProducer showcases his lofty potential.


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