Zacc P: “More Than Sex” – pure entertainment and emotion

Zacc P, aka IAMZACCP, is an artist originally from Orlando, Florida. Most recently, he has lived in California, where he signed his first record deal. Zacc P got his first industry record released through Universal Music Group on Andre Merritt’s single “Feelings and Changes”. From once only being a rapper to transitioning into singing, Zacc P now blends both styles together to create his Urban Pop and R&B sounds. Zacc P is a man with obvious talents, and he demonstrates all of them on his single “More Than Sex” produced by Rich Solero.

What makes him unique is his voice, his songwriting and his performance charisma. He makes modern trap-rap beats come alive, and I would rate this song full marks for its pure entertainment and emotion.

We open up this monster of a record with its typically melodic, Pop-R&B infused urban production; upbeat, smooth rhythm and minimalistic instrumentation, coupled with the auto-tune laced vocal leads to a radio-friendly soundscape.

The autobiographical lyrics speak of his honest relationship intentions, and to a degree there’s a level of morality layered within the lyrics. “More Than Sex” is a testament to Zacc P skills as a songwriter. Its spirited chords drip like honey, and his quavering vocal melisma makes heartfelt what sounds merely explicit in description.

Feeling both powerful and catchy, you can really embrace the honest emotion in this song especially through the electrifying chorus and instrumental. The track focuses on its echoey atmosphere and instrumental to carry the dramatic impact, and it works to great effect here.

It’s the type of song you could listen to privately in dark of your bedroom or blast in the car with the windows down when you’re just cruising along. This style of music obviously reaches out to fans on another level, being both intimately personal, and unabashedly universal. The message being almost in total contrast with what the majority of urban artists are writing about.

How many times have you heard a rapper, or R&B crooner deliver lines like “You think I only want to have sex with you”. It’s the type of sound that ascends us into a state of male sensibility, a very rare syndrome indeed, within the confines of a generally misogynistic genre.

This of course speaks volumes for Zacc P’s all-round demeanor. The artist’s ability to create catchy hooks and melodies is also what in future should afford him the potential to become a prominent figure in the urban music industry.

In terms of production, the track is seamless and is a hand to glove fit for Zacc P’s vocals and flow. If you’re not yet familiar with the modern age of urban music, then “More Than Sex” would make for a good introduction. It’s a great step ahead, and definitely shows that Zacc P is ready to go to the next level.


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