Benso&I: “On The Run” – an entrancing collection of tracks

American-Austrian singer-songwriter duo Benso&I are clearly millennium-styled music makers. The two collaborate exchanging files online as they elaborate each song, then meeting up for the finalizing of the tracks. They have released the debut EP “On The Run”, and have followed up with the single entitled “Fiery Eyes” during March this year. The duo is also planning on releasing the stems from their songs so others can use and remix them into their own original compositions. If you’re looking for a smoothly organic, tuneful, catchy, yet profoundly affecting, indie-folk and alt-pop recording, “On The Run” won’t disappoint. There are a number of addictive tracks and absolutely no filler.

Plenty of jangly, echoing guitars, warm keys, and mellifluous vocals are ready to capture your attention right from track one – “Aliens”. A driving bass somehow manages to pin the shimmery, floating voices and cleanly stroked guitars to the kaleidoscope we’re holding to our ears.

Moving on to “Answer Me”, Benso&I seem to settle to earth and firmly plant themselves on the ground. Gently tumbling drums let the lyrics cascade sympathetically over the acoustic guitars. The vocal phrasing is unique – words roll about as easily as marbles, as the duo spills them into your ear.

Benso&I have a distinct way of letting you feel they’ve wrapped up a sentiment, twisting it with a few delicately sung melodic lines. In many ways, this is the subtlety of Benso&I as a whole, letting listeners unconsciously hum along, as they unfold the narrative.

On “If Bob Dylan Were Alive”, the duo turn up the tone, and the electric guitars, adding grit and bite to the rhythm, which subtly, but purposefully, alludes to the original “Blowing in the Wind” motif towards the end of the song.

Sixties influences are prevalent throughout the beautiful and dreamy, “Passersby” – like The Beatles, Benso&I showcase a knack for appealing to just about any listener willing to be soothed with such a pleasant, easygoing melody, built on a luscious instrumental backdrop.

All throughout this project, Benso&I marries their numerous musical influences and melds them into their own entertaining form. As a result, “On The Run” is a digestible, entrancing collection of tracks glistening with a whimsical disposition.

A mixture of breezy indie-folk and alt-pop tunes, as well as heartfelt lyrics, make this EP a consistently rewarding package. None more so than the closer “I’m Alright”, where the interaction between the enveloping instrumentation and the distinctive vocals develop into an immersive organic ambience, unlike any other heard on the radio today.

Unlike most modern recordings, Benso&I steer clear of any extremes on this EP, and deliver their music in a humble manner. Yet surprisingly, the tracks are lusciously dense for a recording that is very easy on the ears. Many words come to mind when describing this LP: ambrosial, melodic, and captivating.

Some songs are mellow and warm, while others are more exuberant and plush. Clearly, Benso&I have plenty to offer and “On The Run” gracefully lays the groundwork for the duo’s sound. Unlike most other artists trying to replicate this kind of organic sound today, Benso&I have a sonic and lyrical vocabulary broad enough to impress.


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