SKULLandHEADPHONES: ‘View From The Palisades’ – vision and vibe!

SKULLandHEADPHONES (one word all snuggled together), is a project led by Tiro, who has spent two decades as a tastemaker in music, fashion, and television. The toast of the underground elite, he has worked with internationally renowned DJs, artists, and celebrities creating premier dance parties. Tiro’s Production Company is called Insane Produzionz, under which he records with the SKULLandHEADPHONES moniker, in a studio stocked with state-of-the-art Modular Synths.

Influenced by a variety of artists, such as Gino Soccio, Donna Summer, Don Ray, ABC, and Yaz, Tiro has already dropped the single , ‘View From The Palisades’, which anticipates his EP coming out on April 9th , and his tour this fall, with Virgin Skulls.

‘View From The Palisades’ is a powerful and harmonious mix of chill, techno and deep house that is all but too perfect, and that’s why this record sticks out. Its SKULLandHEADPHONES mature and sublime version of EDM. It pulls you in with its ethereal majesty and doesn’t let go until the very end.

SKULLandHEADPHONES follows in the footsteps of his more adorned contemporaries, and channels the best energy and inspiration possible from his influences. But he is no copy-cat. No, not at all. It’s not what you’d expect from a dance connoisseur. It’s more likely to leave you beautifully chilled out than get you up and dancing, though it could do just that too!

This track is fully unique, and like a good musical architect, SKULLandHEADPHONES takes the best bits and pieces of his studio setup and makes them totally earn their permanence on his workbench. Sans vocals, the sound is everything on ‘View From The Palisades’, and SKULLandHEADPHONES has this down to a tee.

Shimmering keys, warm enveloping pads of sound, and an insistent beat practically oozes eargasm comfort and sonic quality. It teases with a synth progression and atmospheric layers that converts to a rhythmic tune, very cool indeed. The track, covered with feeling and skill, reverts to the use of all things grooving, from snazzy bass lines to melodic synth lines, with grace and style.

For a 6 and a half minute runtime, the track is over in a flash, hypnotizing you, and then leaving you craving more. The production is very accessible, and need not take any risks. ‘View From The Palisades’ is meant to evoke an atmosphere, very specific imagery – a vision and vibe as described by the title. Which it achieves perfectly.

SKULLandHEADPHONES has produced a quality track that’s bound to find an appreciative audience. While he is not trying to raise the roof with this release, he will certainly get your heart pumping intensely. ‘View From The Palisades’ is a vibrantly dynamic record that indicates SKULLandHEADPHONES is seriously planning to hang around for quite a while in his new career.


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