Testarossa: “Mother Lover” (Ft. Danny Worsnop) – raw balls out rock n’ roll!

Described as a hard rock party band, Testarossa have shared the stage with bands such as Saliva, Hinder, Saving Abel, Otherwise, and Like A Storm. But what really distinguishes them from the current pack of rockers is the band’s self-irony: “We bring five guitars to the show and only play two, just because it looks cool,” is a statement that stations itself proudly on the band’s website, and says a whole lot more about their groove and vibe than any number of bone-crushing riffs and knuckle-busting shreds ever could.

These guys clearly rock in more ways than one. In fact the band’s single “Mother Lover” (Featuring Danny Worsnop) re-defines the over-used phrase, “This band rocks!” pushing the bar higher.

The more I listen to this track the more I love it. No matter what your taste of rock-genre or from what decade of rock you originate you’ll love this, because it contains the original rock n’ roll formula safeguarded through the ages.

It can easily sit between Motley Crue and even AC/DC on the shelf, it brings new breath to a decade of rock trying to find its roots again. The vocals are fantastic with hard-driving guitars to back it up.

The singer Colten Bell has a raunchy, powerful, and gravelly voice. Jordan West on lead guitar fires up his six-string wizardry. Drummer Buddy Radford bangs the rhythm into motion. Colt Crevar brings the bump and grind on bass, while Danny Worsnop adds the cherry on top. One word: perfection! This reminds me of the raw and dirty rock from the 80’s.

From the moment you hear Colten scream, and the guitars and drums drop-kick you, 20 seconds into “Mother Lover” (Featuring Danny Worsnop), you’ll completely understand what I’m talking about. The track merges an anthemic foundation with a bluesy, southern rock influence. The result is a well-rounded track from a band that has clearly developed their own sound in today’s diverse rock landscape.

The song effectively dismisses the overly glitzed, media grubbing antitheses of modern day corporate rock. In the true spirit of the rock n’ roll, “Mother Lover” (Featuring Danny Worsnop) is big and loud. It’s a harmonic driven, riff frenzy, with a chorus built to get the blood pumping. The bridge section, along with the outro, sees the track sweep you up, and leave on a high.

The progression is nice, the melody is good, making it a well-crafted ear worm. The raw balls out rock n’ roll that this genre was built on is still alive and well, thanks to band’s like Testarossa. These guys are able to play gritty, guitar-laden rock n’ roll in its rawest form.

Great hooks, kick-ass riffs, groaning bass lines and nasty drumming meld together to form a tremendous arena rock tune. Nasty and sweet at the same time, “Mother Lover” (Featuring Danny Worsnop) should keep any rock fan happy from start to finish. That said, Testarossa are certainly on form with this offering and they should win a lot of credibility as well as new fans.


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