Madelyn Victoria: “Right Here With You” – an ode to appreciating, surviving, and being, in love

Madelyn Victoria’s penchant for singing and performing was evident at an early age, with only a brush as a microphone, and coffee table as a stage, Madelyn would perform for her family singing along to George Strait, Alan Jackson, Selena, and more. The Deep South Texas songstress has since gone on to share the stage with artists such as Easton Corbin, Turnpike Troubadours, Tracy Lawrence, Kevin Fowler, Clay Walker, Josh Thompson, Dustin Lynch, Zac Brown Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, and more.

Madelyn is much more than an aspiring Country Queen. She has something to say, a clear talent and a penchant for incredibly catchy and addictive melodies to boot. All of which she shows on her single, “Right Here With You” – an ode to appreciating, surviving, and being, in love.

Madelyn Victoria has an incredible skill of coupling the storytelling aspect of country music with impressive vocals, and a blend of music that can challenge the more famous peers. A story of discovery and self-worth, the song’s powerful lyrics are sure to resonate with even the most emotionally reserved individuals.

The honest lyrics and strong beat, with a sprinkle of steel guitar twang, will make you want to dance whilst also evoking some nostalgic memories. You really get the feeling of a personal connection to her story whilst also being able to relate it to your own experiences.

“Right Here With You” is simply fantastic. Notwithstanding its modern elements and up-to-the-minute production qualities, the song has a timeless aura that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on some classic country album from any decade. It has a real uplifting quality and this is always a highlight for the genre.

This is simply a wonderful song about the building and maintaining of a relationship, through both the good and hard times. It is a song that will keep you listening to it intently throughout. The catchy chorus instantly clicks into your mind and is sure to remain there for some time.

It is also important to note that Madelyn’s ability to create songs full of emotion and yet remain energetic is also a rare trait. She has also manipulated the storytelling that has come to be expected within country music to her own personal writing style, and has paired the lyrics to melodies that can sonically reproduce the strong emotions conveyed by her lyrics.

And she comfortably applies that formula to “Right Here With You”. What Madelyn Victoria has done on with this song, is let people know that she’s driving her own niche and identifiable style, and that is how female country stars are made.  There are surely greater things still to come for her.


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