Miky Anton: “Childish” is pure, honest to goodness stimulating music!

The experimental neo-classical composer and violinist, Miky Anton, has been perfecting his craft since he was 5 years of age and has since built up an impressive career through his versatility and deft command of the instrument. Miky studied at the University of Bucharest, Romania, and also gained an Artist Diploma at Folkwang University Essen, Germany. He has toured the world with his sound, and in 2013 decided to treat those more inclined to stream their music, than head down to see a solo violinist at an opera house. On the 29th of March 2019 Miky Anton released his latest single, “Childish” and on the same day he earned a top 10 placing on Amazon Germany’s bestselling Alternative Charts.

If you are new to Miky Anton, I must tell you his music is very hard to categorize. That’s of course if your music needs genre categorization at all. Mine doesn’t. I only have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on my list, but I acknowledge that commercially it still seems like an extremely cardinal element. As a matter of fact, I think we are on the cusp of a new genre.

In addition to Miky Anton, we have The Piano Guys, David Garrett, Bond, Vanessa Mae, 2Cellos,  Apocolyptica and others producing music that doesn’t readily fit into any current node. These artists have certainly introduced vibrant uses of tempo, provocative use of chord progressions, novel use of pizzicato, ingenious inclusion of percussion, and so on and so forth.

Unlike his “The Star In My Heart” EP, where he crossed into harder rocking, and even dubstep rhythms, on “Childish”, Miky Anton avoids too many complexities, forging a straight uphead pop beat with folksy flavors. The tune is both contemplative and playful.

Anton explained that the theme of the song is about a woman getting ready in a hurry for a date, while at the same time seriously considering the thought of having a baby. That premise alone makes this tune rather original. How many of you can remember a composer coming up with such an ingenious and unusual theme?

The fact that he is male composer, says even more about his inquisitive thoughtfulness. Fact is, Anton weaves brilliant, enigmatic and masterful touches on his violin that crack the shell of mediocre, stale, repetitive and listless music we continually hear on the radio.

“Childish” is pure, honest to goodness stimulating music, there’s no dour, blurred, or cryptic messages. The narrative is in the notes, while the mood is in the music. Miky Anton plays it like he sees the situation in his mind, creating vivid imagery through his sound. Allowing the listener to easily relate, and appreciate his musical motifs.

Like his neo-classical crossover colleagues, Miky Anton defies expectations and shatters the misconception that music with classical elements has to be low tempo and boring.

Forging Classical violin with contemporary beats within the evolution of digital music, makes Anton – and musicians like himself – a real inspiration and someone that is a positive influence for the music industry. Upbeat, colorful and evocative, “Childish” should make a good addition to any music collection in need of diversity.


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