Liv Taylorr: ‘Restart’ – a beautifully crafted electro-pop gem!

Liv Taylorr is 20 year old recording artist from Mahopac, who doesn’t confine herself to any one musical genre. She has written songs that can be classified as Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Rock, Alternative, or EDM. Her single ‘Restart’, was written to express the feeling of having to move on from a relationship that your heart is still invested in. Much like her more famous peers who also release cuts that swim in a whirlpool of unrequited love, the need to move on, or the perseverance to keep at a romance that is worth the wait. Taloyrr has a gift, though, for masking morbidity within an up-tempo dance-pop beat. Here’s where the happy beat embraces the not-so-happy bars. “It feels like I am constantly looking for something I will never find,” Taloyrr coos. “Trust me I wanna give you my heart. Maybe I don’t know how to restart.”

Liv Taylorr’s natural inclination for electronic beats mixed with the soulful undertone of her vocals comes to the fore here. Those riding with Taylorr since the release of ‘Polaroid Picz’ know that this release is merely an extension of her awesomeness and a sonic timeline through a myriad of emotions and moods.

The propulsive slice of electro-pop on ‘Restart’ is dancey, it’s haunting, and once again proves that Taylorr can take on any song and make it sound great. The singer-songwriter and her go-to producer Jbat are inventive with their smart choices of beats.

‘Restart’ expands Taylorr’s repertoire and ability to create magical sonic landscapes with her luscious vocals and smashing beats. The infectious chorus coupled with her airy vocals, lends the song a unique sense of strength, probably also because of the arrangement allowing plenty of focus on the harmonies and Taylorr’s diction which is essential in receiving the song’s message.

Expect Taylorr’s vocals to be perfectly on-point, giving you that irresistible happy-sad feeling you’ll immediately get after listening to this completely thought-out, heart-felt, emotional roller coaster that is an explosively perfect body of work.

‘Restart’ is a beautifully crafted electro-pop gem characterized by a soft and loud arrangement, dramatic tension, warm keys, echoes, bleeps, and swaying percussion. The elegant production values never take away from Taylorr’s crystalline vocals highlighted by her impressive song-writing abilities. T

he song, which can be described as a journey from dark into light from confusion to understanding – and all the way back again – showcases Taylorr’s ability to sincerely sing about love, heartbreak, growth, joy, loss and hope with conviction that far surpasses many of her contemporaries.

With Liv Taylorr’s unique ability to bridge pop and EDM, urban and mainstream worlds together her music will no doubt be a hit amongst many. If you are unfamiliar with Liv Taylorr, you should definitely give ‘Restart’ a spin. We’ve included the video of the single below, for an even better multimedia experience of her talent.


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