The JUNGLEMICO PROJECT make sound move around multi-dimensional soundscapes!

Led by the well-known electronic Chinese Dj, Producer, and Drummer, MICO – the JUNGLEMICO PROJECT is a boundary-breaking, award winning electronic enterprise. They won the Asian Chinese Music Media Awards for their first album “Roaming”, as well as the 2nd China Music Award for the album “Dreaming in the dance”. They’ve also been nominated in countless award ceremonies, including The Midi Music Awards and the China Music Awards. In November 2018, they released their fourth album, “Viewing and Freedom”, as well as two singles – “Roaming” and the title track from “Viewing & Freedom”.

These tracks showcase the immense blend of sounds and styles the JUNGLEMICO PROJECT is able to incorporate into their arrangements, as they mix and match Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, Deep Techno, Psychedelic Trance and Experimental electronica. Attention to detail is probably the part of their music that shines the most.

Hard paced and heart pounding hot, the JUNGLEMICO PROJECT also knows how to slow it down and expand their sound, which is what they do on “Viewing & Freedom”. Armed with a cavalcade of sounds and ideas they launch into an electronic symphony which features traces of mystical eastern flavors, growling synth and basslines, as well as swashbuckling horn samples.

They can make sound move around a multi-dimensional soundscape better than most. They change basslines and move the emphasis of their tracks, subtly, in an almost constant fluidity. They are also been skilled in taking vocal (and voice) snippets and morphing them around to create genuinely exciting sounds.

The JUNGLEMICO PROJECT music is singular and unique in its approach. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, their music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into hypnotic movement and often escalating into a full-on kinetic experience.

Shimmering with cinematic qualities, the music ultimately speaks to the body, mind and soul. As it does on “Roaming”, a track that mixes influences from the Chinese south-west and electronic music.

Despite electronic music’s tendency to suffer a short shelf life, MICO and the JUNGLEMICO PROJECT’s music demonstrate a timeless quality with this track, which was originally released 3 years ago. “Roaming” forged new territories of emotional electronic dance music, exploring a heavier, bass-centric sound that adds raw energy to an intricately detailed track.

MICO’s music doesn’t dawdle on go-nowhere tangents. Rather, minor melodies and drum patterns flow from segment to segment, maintaining an overlying theme throughout. And although the general tone of “Roaming” tends to remain dark and tribal sounding, it isn’t without its bright spots as well.

Driven bass lines overlay an irresistible rhythm created by the expansive percussion and intense melodic diversity. It lends an unpredictable atmosphere to the proceedings, and once the opening rhythms and minor melodies snare you, you’ll stick with it to see where the song will lead next. If what you desire in your music is uniqueness and deep engagement, then the JUNGLEMICO PROJECT’s music should be on your want-list.


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