Fyah George: “I Believe” soars with emotional connection

The method for delivering the message may change, but the solutions Fyah George offers up stay the same regardless of the artist’s medium. Produced by Norwegian producer Pop-I with the vocals recorded in Jamaica’s legendary Bigship Studios, “I Believe” is an anthem of hope to a world. Released on the 26th of April the track brings a message that positively elaborates on: “A peaceful and bright future should be attainable for all. No matter their gender, skin color, age or nationality they all have the right to safety, food, medicine, education, work and a home.” The beauty here is the message, as Fyah George is pushing in the name of love and unity; while fear might permeate every aspect of humanity, love can conquer all. It would not be very hard to argue the point that humanity has forgotten what commonality and common decency are.

“I Believe” soars with this emotional connection; political, social and cultural differences really should be irrelevant in a perfect world. “I believe that everyone was born to be free,” sings Fyah George. Simple and soothing, the truth is sung in a chorus of love and conviction; this is beautifully simple, authentic vocals with hope the underlying wave.

Driving that point home, Fyah George foresees a world free of wars, conflict, and social injustice. This motif is like the sunrise at the ocean, its spiritual essence an undeniable rhythm; positivity breeds positivity.

Musically rich instrumentation smartly produced by Pop-I, does not overshadow the message; rather each piece fits together, working perfectly to create a beautiful tapestry of sound. Stunning but soothing to the ears of the listener, this is a cut above the rest in its battle-cry of peace and love.

Fyah George is a humanitarian musician on a mission here: believing that love is a connective tissue and positivity will conquer all, as it will always spread faster than fear or hate. It’s a perfect example for a style we could describe as global reggae.

“I Believe” is a joyful tune across a glorious riddim and a pertinent message. Fyah George’s voice, both a catalyst and a haven, soars and resonates with the sound of peace and harmony echoing out its universal message. If anyone comes to this song feeling a bit down, perhaps due to what’s going on in the world today, Fyah George provides a welcome tonic to fear, hate, and negativity – he believes that love is the only way.

In many ways, the times are ripe for a mainstream reggae revival. With the wave of international cannabis legalization, and a buffoonish right-wing Trump White House adding fuel to the fire.

The simplicity of Fyah George’s words becomes increasingly endearing throughout “I Believe”, in an ode to love and peace without the pomp and pretensions of complicated riffs and extensive post-production.

Embracing both the spiritual and emotional side of life, Fyah George crafts his art into a soulful, energetic reggae sound, and his love, wisdom, and strength shines through his music. “I Believe” is a really worthwhile addition to anyone’s collection who likes good reggae music.

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