Leeroy: “Screw Me Over” – hypnotic rhythm and melodic lushness

Leigh Reid aka Leeroy is an Australian solo artist bringing a unique blend of rock, reggae, R&B jazz, soul and blues. Gaining momentum on Triple J Unearthed. With his father playing guitar, and records by Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac, he become obsessed in learning to play the guitar at a young age. By 17 he had studied music in Perth, where he learnt the craft of singing and songwriting. Due to failed bands and relationships, which took up his time and passion, Leeroy quit performing and writing for 6 years, but never gave up the guitar.

After a Guns n’ Roses concert, an acquired loop pedal, and getting together with Producer Mark Flanders, Leeroy set out on a new musical journey. Part of that journey has resulted the knockout bouncy single, “Screw Me Over”.

“Screw Me Over” finds Leeroy searching for solutions to common relationship problems we’ve all been through sometime or other, like looking for ways to keep our heads held high after loss. In his attempt to cope with life’s curveballs and find balance in emotional chaos, Leeroy has crafted a universal anchor of light for all kinds of darkness – he just lets it all out in a song!

His music, as well as his perspective, feels important and necessary, as Leeroy sings it like it is: “Well you screwed me over, now I’m dreaming of the days life was better, now you’re gone.”

There’s an underlying urgency to the song’s tone that stresses the importance of embracing love now again, more than ever. Despite the bittersweet memories evoked by the lyrics, the song has the uncanny ability to arouse warm, fuzzy feelings, and due to its groovy head nodding beat, it can sometimes feel like a big, carefree party.

However, it maintains the ethos of an intimate soirée – a gathering of your closest friends, where you feel free to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. “Screw Me Over” is a safe space, a thoughtful environment that puts love – lost or found – on the pedestal, because it really matters.

Over and above his resonating voice, the songwriting is another strong suit of Leeroy’s. Although the genre of acoustic singer-songwriter is not exactly brimming with new ideas, Leeroy takes what we already love about the genre, adds his excellent writing ability, a dash of reggae, a sprinkle of soul, a pinch of pop, and the result is the hypnotic rhythm and melodic lushness of “Screw Me Over”.

The track is appropriately named and breezily composed, while it sets confessionals about the cosmic riddle of love and loss to colorful orchestration, and an impassioned vocal turn.

“Screw Me Over” is the perfect embodiment of the honesty that Leeroy infuses his music with, and it’s a catchy way to draw his fans in. With a sing-along chorus, and an infectious rhythm, the song stands as a rock solid introduction to the Australian artist.


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