Wave Treyy: “New Wave” is handled with flair and style

Over the last few years the Arizona hip-hop scene has taken things to the next level, with everything from city-sponsored festivals to artists making their mark on national TV. The Arizona Hip-Hop Festival which takes place in Phoenix every year, had a line-up of over 300 artists for last year’s 5th annual festival. As things stands, it seems like plenty of artists will be making moves in 2019. One such aspirant, is the 23 year old unsigned rap and hip hop artist from Arizona, Wave Treyy. His latest single, fresh out of the oven, is entitled “New Wave”. The question is, is a rising single enough to set up and artist for greater success? Only time tell, but in the meantime the good totally outweighs the bad, as the track is without any missteps – sporting a top-notch production, a jubilant sound, and confident rhymes from the Treyy.

Wave Treyy asserts his positive status throughout, doing it most aggressively from the first verse. Treyy conveys his feelings, delivering inspired rhymes atop airy spaced out synths and thumping drums. He has the swagger to deliver, regardless of any cockiness, and flexes without becoming overindulgent.

The real joy of “New Wave” is found through the intimacy of headphones. Yes, the song is catchy and enjoyable with the volume cranked but the full effect is best absorbed when flowing exclusively to the ears. We are invited to not only hear Treyy, but feel him.

When Wave Treyy is on his game, he’s lethal, but in an almost laidback way. His flow is smooth, his tone intense. Treyy is not someone who’s bragging or trying to denigrate his audience, which wins big points for me. His strengths are more rooted in constructing solid lyrics that have a surprising amount of wit, which he makes it sound easy.

Treyy is a solid technical rapper and his punchlines have an effortlessness that trusts the audience to follow along. He delivers better rhymes with a populist spirit than so many rappers trying way too hard to convince us they’re superior.

“New Wave” offers us energetic instrumentation, and some great wordplay, which Treyy handles with flair and style. He’s a confident rapper but does so in a way that’s palatable to rap and non-rap heads alike. In my opinion this track is a perfect demonstration of Treyy’s recording skills.

Wave Treyy’s style combines many of those of his predecessors of the last decade for an interestingly unique, yet not outrageous style. Moreover, Treyy keeps a mid-tempo, and equally comfortable pace throughout which adds to his impressive voice.

Wave Treyy’s charm comes off in every bar, and fluid rhymes seem to flock to his mind readily. He can write and skillfully rap clever and attention-grabbing verses. And right now it sounds like Treyy would be unable to make not-likable songs. All of this could naturally lead to success once he gets his momentum and brand, up and running.

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