Lord Stunnamode shows off his freestyle delivery on “What The Fuck You Wanna Do”

Most people aren’t good at thinking on their feet. They get choked up, they trip all over their words, and they might even have a panic attack. But the best rappers are the ones that master this skill and perform it with ease. We’re talking about freestyle rap: the art of coming up with an unplanned rap on the spot. The best freestyle raps of all time are the ones that are totally spontaneous but sound completely intentional and effortless.  Among the underground freestyle rappers in the game today, is Lord Stunnamode, who just recently dropped his track “What The Fuck You Wanna Do”. His flow is strong and distinct, sitting in his upper register, and often fluid yet brandished with a disjointed jerkiness that is almost certainty a direct by-product of the man sticking tightly to the beat.

Lord Stunnamode’s flow is diverse, deftly maneuvering between melodic catchy hooks to ridiculously explicit rhymes that are often intense in their complexity. We can all throw on “What The Fuck You Wanna Do” and amuse ourselves at the thought of some dude who places no boundaries on his lyrical content and themes.

The track shows Lord Stunnamode flowing at an absurdly high level, backed by a banging beat that is strong in its own right, but is still overshadowed by the smooth braggadocio of the rapper’s outspoken vocal deliveries.

The strength of “What The Fuck You Wanna Do” is more than quality flows, rhymes, and beat; it’s alarmingly consistent in its diversity, in a genre that is anything but, and stands as a personal achievement for the rapper.

It weighs strong lyrically and accessibility wise, and is an overwhelmingly well-executed alternative Hip-Hop track from a vocal delivery standpoint, if you manage to look beyond the cussing. This is one of the rawest hip hop songs currently doing the rounds. Lord Stunnamode shows off his hardcore freestyle delivery on track with momentum pushing production that matches him perfectly.

Lord Stunnamode verbally rips the heart out of a track with his rabid delivery, and then throws down the repeating song title, “What The Fuck You Wanna Do” in machine gun mode, until he blows you mind or your earbuds.

Somebody has got this brother’s Adrenalin on the rise, and now he’s is letting off steam on this track. With the dynamic combination of top-notch freestyle skills, confidence in droves, and the magnitude of his microphone presence, Lord Stunnamode immediately captures audiences’ attention.

Presumably we can expect Lord Stunnamode to dig even deeper and develop a versatile approach to his artistry in future releases, en route to aspiring, to be the head of the class, within a crowded and highly competitive landscape. In the meantime, on “What The Fuck You Wanna Do”, the freestyler checks off every box on his quest!


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