George Blue Galanos: “The Blues” – inspired instrumental interplay

Blues-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist, George Blue Galanos who received a High Commendation in the UK Songwriting Contest 2018, for his song “I’m Dead Inside”, taken off his self-titled EP, has bounced back in 2019 with a brand new single entitled “The Blues”, which will be on his upcoming full length album. Considering his playing chops, Galanos may be thought of as a guitar hero, but the pleasant surprises of his latest release, is his songwriting, his vocals and the overall instrumental arrangement of the track.

At first glance the track could be mistaken as another off the cuff blues release, but that would be a hasty call. What you have here is a melting pot of sublime audible delicacies that ebb and flow like a river. You don’t get one George Blue Galanos here, you get them all, fitted neatly into one song.

“The Blues” is a fusion of fiery guitar, rhythmic groove, luscious horns and of course Galanos’ deep resonating voice. The track bursts to life with a high-energy pre-chorus and chorus, which is where Galanos and horns collide, it’s a killer track that just grabs you by the throat and leads you into an equally savage, yet elegant arrangement.

Galanos has always has surrounded himself with a majestic collection of instruments to transform his songs into cinematic proportions, but “The Blues” tops the lot. This is Blues at its finest and few do it better than George Blue Galanos shows here.

But here’s the really interesting thing about Galanos, listening to his previous material, we knew he was incredible as a guitarist, but it’s also fair to say that we might not have predicted just how good a songwriter he was going to be. “The Blues” is a far cry from the standard blues mixes.

There is a whole lot going on here musically, including jazz and big-band flavors. Which makes it clear that one thing, we should never do is doubt Galanos’ potential. He always finds a way to set a new and higher watermark, than the one before.

Another thing you have to admire about him, is he’s always pushing the boundaries. There is a sense too, that he’s become a genuine, bonafide singer-songwriter, as George Blue Galanos is ever more confident in his work and ever more willing to share himself with his audience.

In fact, everywhere you look on this single there’s something new, compared to his previous music. “The Blues” is built around melodic-led material that leaves plenty of room for big horn arrangements and significant solos that are always an essential part of the song. The horns provide a suitable context for Galanos’ intense guitar work and expansive vocals.

“The Blues” is a musically ambitious work, with inspired instrumental interplay, fiery guitar work and a freshness that’s absolutely inviting. Giving a George Blue Galanos release top marks is almost a cliché, but the fact is that this is – yet again – a stunning piece of work and one that only adds to the impressive catalog that he is constantly updating.


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