Enbers: “Black Mamba” a really great indie-folk mood!

Enbers is a brand new artist writing and performing folk/acoustic music of various styles. Enbers releases his first EP, titled “10 Years” on June 10th 2019. It is a collection of songs he has written between 2009 and the present day. “Black Mamba” is the pre-released single off that EP. If you enjoy great, intelligent songwriting, buried in a bare-knuckle production, you can’t go wrong with this release, as it captures Enbers at the beginning of his recording career, which is a good time for any artist to blossom with creativity, as they still are not contaminated by the call of commercialism or the seduction of record labels.

With this release, Enbers creates music that does far more than entertain. It reaches people in a spontaneous way. Immediately after the first couple seconds, with its Latin intro,it establishes a safe folksy acoustic environment where the mind can wander freely.

At the most elemental level, Enbers’ songwriting is captivating and simple. His ability to capture and transmit so beautifully a feeling of intimacy in his music is at once attractive. His lyrics are weaved brilliantly around the strumming acoustic, which shifts in tempo, as the rhythm and tone is built around a narrative backbone in order to lift up and sustain the body of the song.

Enbers is as original and creative an artist as there is on the contemporary scene. There is hardly many like him, peddling minimalist acoustic driven music. Enbers doesn’t fail to produce a hauntingly lovely melody, perfect implementation of an acoustic guitar, and a really great indie-folk mood.

Enbers dazzles the listener with a style and an artistic vision that shows confidence and mastery for an artist seemingly just starting out in his recording career. He is completely refreshing and at the same time I feel like there is a familiarity in his music.

At times poetic, at times prophetic, and at times just lush and beautiful, “Black Mamba” will grow on you more and more with every listen. The ability to gracefully articulate with voice and acoustic strumming shows that Enbers has the singer-songwriter toolkit built into his skillset. The effect is uplifting, inspiring and even psychologically salubrious.

In a track of strummed guitar, and some other stripped down elements, Enbers builds and blends his own whimsical style. He is simple, yet poignant, letting the music really express what he is saying in words. No need for any grand production, and electronic influences, as the song itself invokes emotion and genuineness.

The subtle Latin underpinnings also give this track a sway that is truly intoxicating. In today’s age, it’s nearly impossible to make this kind of organic music accessible and inviting to an electronic and heavy production-dependent audience.  The whole Enbers experience is inspiring and very, very meaningful.


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