“Try Stop Us” – V16 & YS Wave are ready to pave their own lanes

The Brit rap scene is flourishing like never before. Whilst once upon a time rap music in the United Kingdom was underrated and commercially associated with only a few individuals, today new talent is coming up onto the scene regularly and there’s room for everyone. Multi-faceted, full of vigor and difficult to put into any box, UK emcees have become appreciated for their authentic talent rather than their image and perceived hype. Their sounds are meshed with multiple genres, from trap to soul, drill, grime and Afrobeat. With such a unique agenda, it is no wonder that rappers such as V16 & YS Wave are ready to pave their own lanes in an American, as well as an international market.

“Try Stop Us” is a grand spectacle of surefire flossin’. It’s as luxurious as it is braggadocio and bookended with bouncing hooks, between which the rappers expertly weave their way from chorus to chorus. Together and separate, V16 & YS Wave are omnipresent, their voices carry domination in its fabric, through their triumphant rap-to-luxury tales, and the way they see themselves as embodying hip-hop culture overall and carrying it forward. A big achievement of this track, is the way it takes the wild individual tendencies of the rappers and shines them without diminishing them.

This word-associative anthem is riddled with odd juxtapositions and melodic allusions, plus ad-lib vocal riffs flowing forth as endemic to their style. Completely in tune with their underground rap culture and musical peers, they’re pushing out towards the front, drawing new onlookers moment by moment.

On “Try Stop Us”, V16 & YS Wave are trying to take their craft to the next level – expanding their sound and reach outward, until they’ve taken over everything. At the same time, if you check out the video, you’ll notice how V16 & YS Wave allow themselves to glide, to bask, to relish even, while they push forward.

They’re having the time of their lives on this track. There is experimentation, but it’s subtle, as V16 & YS Wave impress with scope and confidence. There are interesting twists and turns as they exchange flows and verses.

They hit notes that embody their strengths, as they manage to surprise with turns of phrase. The Brit accents are obviously present, so you’ll need to hold your ears close to the speakers to pick up the narrative, or just hit replay, when in doubt.

To be frank, V16 & YS Wave’s appeal is easily evident to most veteran music listeners. The song embodies everything that can make rap music stylish and addictive. Listening to this song is a satisfying and invariable sensation, like chugging a glass full of iced water in 90-degree heat.

“Try Stop Us” speaks to the strength of their songwriting and rapping ability as well as how easily they can craft a hit-sounding song. The solid production, as well as the infectious video clip, puts a cherry on the entire project.

OFFICIAL LINKS:  @v16ixteen on Instagram – @v_ct_16 on Twitter

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