Onixonst: “Syntheticum Analogum” – warped sounds, strange timbres and rhythmic glitches!

“Syntheticum Analogum”. Boy oh boy. In the context to all that’s going on today in the music world, it’s easy to not realize how revolutionary this album is. Electronic Producer Onixonst covers everything here. How could he not? 28 tracks and 3 hours of music. Onixonst states that this album represents the best tracks he made during the month of April, selected from 90 tracks, completed in that period. Yes, you read correctly. That would total an average of 3 tracks per day!  This includes some of the some of the darkest, insanity-inspiring complex tracks you’ve ever heard, Onixonst takes precision chaos, and consistently makes that chaos heart wrenchingly brilliant. If you want a set of dancing tunes that goes with your libidinous summer attitude, then grab your glow-stick and look for something else. If you want music to explore a psychological landscape of anguish, mystery, and mayhem, then welcome to the future, and add this album to your collection.

Technology is Onixonst’s musical instrument. It is what makes up the vocabulary in the soundscapes of “Syntheticum Analogum”. This album is his most mature (and probably most sincere) and yet manages to be among his most interesting as well. It is honest and sounds timeless while being lucid, intricate, and primal all at once.

It has a little something for every adventurous electronic fan, and if you are patient with it, it will give you something new. It is certainly the most diverse record this year, even diverse for Onixonst. “Syntheticum Analogum” warped sounds, strange timbres and rhythmic glitches are ready to inspire a new breed of producers.

From the synth madness of the opening track, “Prolegomenon 112xb”, this album steadily becomes a touchstone for daring, intoxicating musical adventuring. At times audacious and seemingly impenetrable (“The Day Before The Revolution”), at others achingly hostile (“Dionysus”), then aloofly high-brow (“Platonic Capricorn Of Fable”), unpredictable (“The Dispossessed”) and provocative (“House Of Amadeus”).

Onixonst’s musical mindset is totally insolvable, like Rubik’s cube to the color-blind. Sometimes bleak, sometimes beautiful, sometimes angry, always evocative. The beats themselves surpass grating glitchiness and show off a plethora of percussive hits.

Unsettling tonal studies occur on the piano-driven “Dreams”. “Analogue Dark Web” and “Benevolent Galaxies” charts familiar Onixonst territory, surveying styles he’s plied on previous records, but suggesting new directions. The title track, “Syntheticum Analogum” is wild and perfect, and surmises the album as a whole – every inch the technological spectacle.

The track “Red Synthium” wields a deliciously crunchy beat, a spine-tingling breakdown and the consummate lysergic dose of Onixonst acid. Leaving the mournfully beautiful ambience to “The Left Hand Of Darkness”.

The tunes on “Syntheticum Analogum”, oscillate between exciting hyperactive beat-happening compositions and more experimental exercises. This is an album for someone who wants more than music, who instead wants a maze that they can explore for months, constantly discovering new moments.

The sheer momentum of twenty eight songs on here, will sweep the listener up, once they are comfortable enough with the music, and drive them on. And once you’ve gone through the album a couple of times, everything on it makes perfect sense.


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