Heather Fay: “The One” is full of alluring moments!

If you want to take a chance on a new artist that will drop some soul on you and make many of your days more exciting, then Heather Fay and her release “The One”, would be it. She is such a delight to listen to. Though firmly entrenched in the here and now, her sound will somehow take you back to the authentic smooth and sensual R&B grooves from stars like Brandy, Aaliyah and Monica. Authenticity is one of those unquantifiable traits that many artists search for, but never quite find. You can’t build or fabricate it’s essence into a song through a particular collection of words or performance swagger. It just happens when you put yourself out there, daring people to listen, asking those listeners to believe whatever you are trying to tell them. By all available measures, people will believe Heather Fay when she’s singing “The One”, a track that brings forth her passion and discovery for somebody who could be “the one” for her.

Heather Fay

The four-octave singer-songwriter, Heather Fay, who has been paired with Grammy-award winning writers and producers, Tony Haynes and Lloyd Tolbert to build her catalog, started out in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, where she worked as a model. Fay then moved to Los Angeles and capitalized on her love of music.

She started teaching herself to play piano at the age of 9, and wrote music by third grade. Subsequently she recorded and independently released two singles, of which the second, “Let’s Get Close”, caught the attention of Bungalo Records by CEO and President, Paul Ring, which led to her signing with the label.

Produced by David Ellis and co-written with Tod Hurrt and Haynes, Heather Fay shows on “The One” that she has the voice, the attitude, and the way with a melody that could have her at the top of the R&B/Pop charts with piles of crossover potential for years and years to come.

As unfortunate as it is, in modern times, it’s had to get truly excited about new R&B tinged releases. Why? The buzz for the genre as a whole simply isn’t the same as it once was. All of that considered, when a young, promising artist like Heather Fay comes around, there’s definitely hope for the genre.

The single cover

Throughout the course of this single, Fay gives R&B fans a reason to keep on believing. She sounds fresh, modern, and idiomatic of R&B/Pop ala 2019. Full of alluring moments, while embracing a sensuous vibe, Fay magically manages to keep things clean.

She sounds superb vocally, showing off her chops, while also pulling off the memorable chorus magnificently. “The One” is a lushly-produced rhythmic jam which serves as an effective showcase of Heather Fay’s gorgeous, nuanced pipes. The chemistry between the singer and the song, is impressive. So is the harmonic progression, production, and a high-flying chorus.

The One” thrives for a number of reasons, including the shimmering piano that remains throughout the course of the record. While Heather Fay impresses with absolutely stunning, nuanced vocals, the songwriting also stands out as well, coming over honest and poetic.

Add Fay’s ravishing good looks, and sensational body moves, into the equation, and you have an extremely explosive artistic package, ready to eclipse the crème de la crème of the current R&B/Pop movement. On “The One”, Heather Fay proves she’s ambitiously setting up to scale greater heights.


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