BWH Music Group’s “That Summer, Vol. Two” – A crisp collection of indie blockbusters!

The calculus of pop power continues to drastically shift, but the framework of the summer anthem has remained an inflexible proposition. There’s always the surprise of what is to come, the unexpected luster and allure of a new track waiting to jockey radio play, streams, and conversation. You know, the songs that make you feel carefree and party-ready. Songs that you want to play at full volume as you’re riding down a beachside highway with the top down. And this year’s prospects, rich and surprising in scope, can all be found on BWH Music Group’s “That Summer, Vol. Two”, by Various Artists. The 16 songs by internationally acclaimed and award-winning artists in multiple genres, jolt with a shared euphoria of the season.

As temperatures rise, and overplayed songs by the same old major label stars clamor up the charts in hopes of becoming the next song of summer, BWH Music Group’s “That Summer, Vol. Two” gives us a crisp collection of indie blockbusters and pure strokes of musical genius from a group of fresh artists with the power to transport even the most cynical of us into a summer full of heady energy, excitement, and effortless swag.

With a punchy drum beats, spitfire vocals, and the catchiest choruses of all time, these songs explode in unexpected ways. The songs slap with resonating basses and verses that roll and flow over the rhythms with impactful precision, in a litany of transcendence.

Rap, Rock, Pop, Dance, Indie, Alternative and Americana are just some of the flavors you will encounter in a multicolored explosion of tones and timbres, ready to nourish your musical thirst under the hot summer sun.

Each of the featured artists on this compilation fully understand that what you need to make good music is an earnest dose of emotion, relatable imagery, and an inspired beat. Titanic in their ambition, these songs are tangible, with the kind of potent imagery you can almost touch, alongside a warm breeze and a long stare.

Summer is perhaps the last remaining season that welcomes all genres equally. It covets audience unity. What’s especially striking about 2019, a year wherein music has never felt more confident and emotionally awake, is how this summer seems prime for fresh talent.

Tracklist & Artists featured on BWH Music Group’s “That Summer, Vol. Two” – “Locations (feat. Nico Dc)” – Fsg Rell, “Dead Feelings” – Emily Cole, “Fake It” – Erich Mrak, “Phoenix” – Jenny Vinatieri, “Unexplainable” – Tony Valor, “You Can Leave Your Light On” – Happiness Junkies, “Mr. Blue” – Love Ghost, “Freedom” – Crooked Flower, “The Sound of Summer” – Almost an Artist, “Heroes” – Rooftop Heroes, “This Beautiful Life” – Calvert, “We Are All Mad Here” – Luna Kelle, “That Thing” – Kalina & Kiana, “Disappear for the Weekend” – James Lee Baker, “Lettin’ Summer Shine” – Olivia Frances, “Private Pond” – Stephanie Grace.

“That Summer, Vol. Two” by Various Artists is available on all major digital outlets worldwide, including Cdbaby and iTunes. For more information about the artists, on “That Summer Vol. Two”, please visit BWH Music Group’s That Summer, Vol. Two Album Release Page.

About BWH Music Group: BWH Music Group works with today’s emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and promotion.  BWH Music Group offers Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Artist Promotions, and National Indie Radio.

For more information, visit BWH Music Group.

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