Lyndon Rivers: “We Will Win” hits hard, both on a technical and emotional level

Fresh off the drawing board of EDM’s most prolific underground producer, Lyndon Rivers, comes the track “We Will Win”. The track is once again filled with that Rivers uniqueness that winds throughout his most interesting pieces. Though he produces so much music, it comes as a surprise that none of his output falls at just par. We have come to identify this Australian based artists as one of the forerunners in underground dance music today, but even a prolific musician cannot be expected to constantly produce surprising, innovative music. Yet he keeps on doing it. Rivers, with his latest track, “We Will Win” is ready to continue to amaze with his unusual creative thoughts and diverse musical variation.

Lyndon Rivers is an extremely talented producer. The production aspects of his music are extremely interesting and most of his songs make the listener move, even before they realize they are. I also love how with River’s music, the listener can interpret the song and manipulate it to mean something to his or her own situation.

Not every artist that produces is capable of achieving such a massive accomplishment. Or at the very least they are trying to impose their own draconian intentions.  “We Will Win” is that song you can just nod your head to, close your eyes, and appreciate life. The message behind it, is one that will inspire and make you reflect.

In “We Will Win”, it seems like Lyndon Rivers really is feeling out the field and putting his all into the music, mixing and matching his sound and the artist he has chosen to collaborate with, totally bringing out a new creative energy within himself.

There is no doubt that whatever Lyndon produces is going to be fire, but this track just hits so hard, both on a technical and emotional level. In particular, Lyndon explains that the song is about two people in love, from different cultures, whose families cannot accept this.

The song title is so fitting for this track as well, because it shows us that in this world, there is an infinite amount of living and loving combinations open to us, regardless of what others may think or believe.

When Lyndon Rivers puts his mind to it, his blaring, beat-driven electronic sound is positively galvanizing. The result is a muscular electro-groove that can both shake the earth and send fists rocketing to the sky. All cylinders are firing on “We Will Win” – from the beat to the lead vocals.

Rivers impresses when he’s got diverse raw material to work with. It’s the avenue by which his tricks assume new, poignant meanings. For me the test of a good track is the number of times I can listen to it consecutively, and I have probably listened to this countless times in a row.

Lyndon Rivers has mastery over his craft. There is a certain articulation found in his beats and a lot of intelligence behind the music. Rivers’ newest track “We Will Win” is yet another example of both those qualities.


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