London Elixir: “Listen to M3” – a statement of impeccable taste and groove!

Within urban music’s increasingly constellation of celebrity, producers are now almost as beloved as artists. Even more singular is that fact that female producers are now creating their own lane in what is usually thought of as male dominated industry. The serious ladies in the game are consistently less focused on the industry’s problems and more concerned with setting a positive example through hard work. They know that head-down focus and chameleonic production styles will help them outlast any gender prejudices or genre boxes. One such rising producer is London Elixir, who is originally from Columbus, Ohio but currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

If you listen to London Elixir’s songs multiple times, you’ll pick up on different instruments you didn’t even notice before. That’s because she spends a great amount of time adding multiple layers of incredibly effective music into her brew of funk, hip-hop, trap, RnB and pop. Over and above that, her music always has a statement of impeccable taste.

London Elixir seems to be aiming for a balance of classic nostalgia and mass modern mainstream appeal. If your hips or lips don’t start moving by the time her brand new EP, “Listen to M3” is over, you might want to check your pulse because you’re probably dead.

The EP kicks proceedings off with the lead single, “IDGAFunk”, a song that features Trey Francis, Shaun Rose, and Souf Papa, as well as musicians, Matt Henderson (Keys) and Benjamin Ryan Williams (Bass). These crackerjack cast of funk professionals forge the classic wobble and groove of powered-up electro-funk, to create a sleek, streamlined dancefloor pastiche that will have the adrenalin surging through your veins.

The vocals sound effortlessly cool when paired with the track’s boisterous percussion, synth stabs and winding bass, as London Elixir shows she is more than capable of crafting groove confections.

Music this nakedly derivative of classic and retro sounds, requires sharp pop instincts to be successful, and the songs on this EP proves that London Elixir is able to create magic within her source material. “Watchu Wanna Do” ft. Dalicia La Fluer & Taylor Nixon, soars thanks to its powerful bass grooves, skyscraping melodic vocals and edgy raps.

London digs deep into the rhythms on this cut and brings wondrously catchy bass riffs to the mix. There’s an absolutely intoxicating quality to the way she brings it all together. It’s the authentic retro swag London tweaks out on the boards that really sets the song apart from her contemporaries.

The dynamic drum and bass grooves lead “Best Day Ever” ft. Matt Jay & Mzee Jones into an explosive blend of red-blooded soul-stained motifs and street-wired hip-hop. Somehow London Elixir is always able to find the elusive sweet spot between club banging credibility and music-geek plausibility.

Sexy, funky, and unabashedly retro, these freshly created tunes allow millennial’s to feel the glory of 70’s and 80’s funk and soul anthems, as if they were premiering in the club scene today. London Elixir delivers a project that hosts a list of impressive collaborations and an abundance of inspirations, while capturing the evolution of a legendary era of music.

“Listen to M3’s” polished beats intersperse with soulful vocals, mastered so perfectly that not a crackle appears on the surface. London Elixir knows what she does well, and amps it up to the brightest and truest it can be. She exists on a completely different field to almost everyone else in her category. Not because she’s a woman. Because she’s better!


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