Mado The Loving Mano: “VOYAGE DE LUMIÈRE” combines spiritual elements and earthly progressions!

Mado The Loving Mano is a music composer. His ultimate wish is to convey – beyond his melodies – something deeper and more transformative, using his music as a tool to share a force of love. “VOYAGE DE LUMIÈRE” is the composer’s first album. Mado The Loving Mano describes the recording as a concept album that traces the inner quest of a human being. A journey to the center of his heart to unite with his soul. Clearly, the composer put all his heart and mind on this album. I am writing this while listening to it, or I must say finishing the album one more time. I decided to sit outside and listen to this record, not doing anything in particular, just listening. When it started, it was in sync with my surroundings, the music of “VOYAGE DE LUMIÈRE” floated in a unique way, while I thoughtfully pondered the existential questions in life.

The album heralds a return to the evocative, aspirational, romantic but impressionistic sounds that first turned the electronic genre into a pioneering sound. The sounds that Mado The Loving Mano uses are far removed from the common range of virtual or sampled instruments, and studio effects, most modern-day producers utilize in the current electronic or EDM scene.

His classic synth, strings, pianos and percussion, hark back to the genre’s earlier days, and it’s a luxurious pleasure to the ear. No harshness, abrasiveness or rhythmic aggression. Even on upbeat driving tempos.

The dramatic orchestral washes set sky-scraping templates, while star struck swishes of percussion and swathes of synth evoke a distinct sense of wonder throughout this recording. At the center, the piano weaves melodies and motifs that arouse the album’s developing narrative.

From ‘The Ship’ to ‘The Call’ and ‘Interstellar’, Mado The Loving Mano leads us through the journey’s initiation to our calling, and then the leap into the unknown. Most importantly, the compositions have that expansive, widescreen sound to it that immediately conjures the great open spaces of the beyond.

‘Joyfull Journey’ and ‘Ascension’ sees us comfortably seated on the ride. The tone rises, full of resonating piano chords, chattering strings and rumbles of percussion. The songs form a unit, a journey where all bits and pieces are essential to the experience. Giving it a soundtrack feel.

‘On The Other Side’ represents self-awareness and change, hence the tone and pace is slower, patient and anticipating. This leads straight into the blissful sounds of ‘Welcome’, and then the mesmeric chug of ‘Green Valleys’ pointing you towards the plains of paradise and the beatitude of ‘Grace’ which flutters with haunting strings and a sense of glory waiting.

‘Christ Bodhisattva’ is the culmination of the journey. It signifies the return, and the realization of his divine destiny. The result is a stunningly beautiful piece of work, one that combines spiritual elements and earthly progressions.

The music combines modern electronic and sweeping classical strains. I would recommend “VOYAGE DE LUMIÈRE” to anyone who likes to sit back, relax, and ponder the meaning of life while enjoying the soundtrack to those profound thoughts.


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