Tracey Coryell: “Shotgun” is a compelling track musically and lyrically

Recently signed to the Indie record label, RHOMBUS Records out of Los Angeles, California, Tracey Coryell is a singer-songwriter based out of Orlando Florida. She is currently working on her upcoming album, “raVel” with Producer/Engineer Lucio Rubino at his Fish Tank studio. The album will be dedicated to her late husband and legendary jazz guitarist, Larry Coryell, in which she pays special homage to him in her song, “Waiting Here”. In the meantime, Tracey, who has been passionately writing, recording and performing for the last 3 decades, has dropped the first single, entitled “Shotgun”, from the album project.

Tracey Coryell is certainly a surprise for me, as she shows us how to produce a track that is glossy, personal, natural, and relatable, all rolled into one. This is not the overly robotic, emotionless pop you hear from too many contemporary record producers – it’s a record built on melody, intimacy, and personal honesty.

Resonant and heartwarming, this track touches on the need for having the company of your partner close alongside you. It’s a beautiful healing anthem, featuring a catchy melody, rhythmic acoustic strums and inspirational lyrics. Pop vibe meets Americana soundscape, it is a compelling track musically and lyrically.

With a steady, thriving pace, “Shotgun” is a track that will easily get stuck in everybody’s heads from the first listen. Easy-going and filled with emotion as well as amazing storytelling lyrics, this track can be played everywhere and at all times.

“Driving down the back roads, love to take the long way home. Rolling down the windows, turn a little radio on. And there ain’t nothing missing, but maybe my shotgun sitting. Shotgun rider, right here next to me. Feet up in the passenger seat.” Tracey Coryell comes across as that profound, beautiful woman next door with the heart of gold, and it is a really endearing trait, which matches her music perfectly.

In an age where depression, miscommunication and infidelity run wild, it’s pretty killer to hear down to earth songs that you can relate to. It’s apparently simple music, but it’s charming as hell. Tracey Coryell’s skillful voice, shown off throughout this song, is powerful in both the upper and lower ranges, and she takes advantage of that talent.

It’s hard not to feel inspired as she brings so much energy and vigor to the track. Furthermore, Tracey’s strength as a songwriter comes from her ability to take personal experiences and reshape them into relatable, radio-ready narrative, which will clearly strike a chord with a large percentage of the population.

“Shotgun” shows a natural sophistication that sets Tracey Coryell well apart from the hordes of up and coming artists. She puts her heart into her music, which is seen clearly through her distinct vocals and smart, emotion-filled lyrics.

Tracey’s many years as a performing artist seems to have paid off on this release. The result being an overall, incredibly well-rounded single, which anticipates the album “raVel” –  coming this fall – with a promise of being nothing less than superlative.


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