Julian Jermaine – “Go and Get It” surges forward with positivity!

Julian Jermaine has been singing, as well as writing poetry and stories since elementary.  He started rapping in 2001, and by the age of nineteen had completed his first mixtape with a local producer. Julian went on to record several projects and performing in his hometown of Saginaw. He eventually took a break after the birth of his first daughter, and spiritual reasons. After a move to Fort Worth, Texas, and marrying his longtime girlfriend, together with the birth of his second daughter, Julian Jermaine felt the urge to pick up the pen and climb back into the booth again. Besides being an artist, Julian is a conscious and caring, entrepreneur, speaker, sales consultant and business owner.

“Although music is a way of entertainment, I want to inspire and motivate, giving a visual of hope through struggle, while reproducing the feeling rap first gave me, and to also amplify the whisper of God, and put more positive energy and love back into the world, through the eyes of a Michigan kid from the bottom,” says Julian Jermaine.

And that’s exactly what he sets out to do on his latest single “Go and Get It”.  In the era of untalented, unoriginal sound-a-like clones, Julian Jermaine brings originality and positive substance. If you’ve become disenchanted with the modern hip-hop scene this track should quench your thirst for quality hip-hop.

On this single Julian, shows us all the positive effects of concentrating on winning in your game, and ignoring the haters and naysayers continually working, and attempting to bring you down. The lyrical imagery clearly illustrates how our enemies are more concerned with our failure, than they are with their own success.

Featuring a mix of cocky braggadocios rhymes and introspection, “Go and Get It” is a perfect embodiment of Julian Jermaine as an artist, standing up on his own two feet, and running to “Go and Get It”.  “I dream victory when I sleep at night, if they’re hatin’ on you’re doin’ something right. But I don’t see the hate, I just see the light. Keep them outta mind, keep them outta sight,” is just a taste of the empowering lines Julian is shooting.

The track seems less aimed for simple commercial appeal (though he can pull that off too!) and more straight hip hop. Jermaine is a dope lyricist and a versatile hip hop performer able to bring melody as well as straight rapping fire.

I have only positive things to say about Julian Jermaine and his latest studio single “Go and Get It”. This track is overflowing with creative lyrical genius, and the production quality is top shelf. Jermaine is a gifted story teller in the mold of the greats who influence him.

Moreover Jermaine knows who he is as a rapper and as a person, and has fun with the freedom that confidence gives him to express himself. Anyone who is a fan of real rap music will truly appreciate this effort.  I am happy to see a rapper with substance and lyrical ability reappear on the scene in 2019, and hope Julian Jermaine gets the shine he deserves.


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