Eye’z – “…Still A Rainbow” – deeply familiar and fresh at the same time!

San Francisco Bay’s dynamic singer, pianist and actress, Eye’z, began her musical journey at the tender age of 4. Influenced by artistes like such as: Aaliyah, Johnny Mathis, Fats Waller, Little Richard, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, Michael Jackson, the Sugar Hill Gang, and the entire doowop-inspired era, she crafted her own unique style. Her music, piano and acting studies, at fine art schools across the Bay area, was followed by the release of a series of critically acclaimed singles, including “Go for it”, “Levitating” (remix) and “Dedicated…”.

Eye’z singular artistry – both grounded and creative – landed her a record deal with Bentley Records. Her latest single, “…Still A Rainbow” earned Eye’z the social media star of 2019 distinction from GRM Awards.

There is a hardly a trick from her bag of song crafting that Eye’z and her production team do not draw upon. There are so many familiar sounding elements, but they are polished up with a modern beat and current lyrics. The result is a sound that is deeply familiar and fresh at the same time.

That doo-wop and 60s girl group influences are subtly applied to current urban music motifs, resulting in some great music. There’s room, of course, in pop for these specific songs, so cleverly designed by the singer. Eye’z ability to craft songs that will sway what’s popular in music, makes her an artist to watch.

The single “…Still A Rainbow” contains 3 versions of the track – the original edit, the acapella version, and the instrumental cut. Eye’z has an amazingly charming voice, and that might be obvious if you’re aware of her singles released so far. Once again here, she flexes her enchanting vocal tones, alongside some memorable and self-empowering lines.

There are some more pleasant surprises along the way that undeniably demonstrate Eye’z’s writing ability and musical flair. Something that she does well overall is theatrical-styled writing. Her diction is crystal clear in “…Still A Rainbow”, while the melody is a persistent ear-worm.

The melody is tight, the tune is light, and with its simple beat, straightforward hook and sparse instrumentation, it’s still an adversary for the wave of pop music doing the rounds right now. Creating a soul-infected pop record that feels so fresh for the 21st Century is no easy feat, but Eye’z pulls it off with an understated style and finesse.

“…Still A Rainbow” is littered with catchy pre-choruses, bridges and tiny moments of genius. Everything feels like it was put together with an abundance of passion for the source material, and even the instrumental, and acapella sections, does all it can to keep you involved.

There’s a reason why Eye’z is being touted for greatness. Her latest track, “…Still A Rainbow”, in a few words, is honest, catchy, and amazingly refreshing. When free-spirited artists like this can create music so reflective of who they are and represent or empower the masses through their music, then you know they’re here to say. I don’t see Eye’z’s career going anywhere but up from here.


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