Andy Fond – “Happy” – an absolute smash in any DJ’s box!

Born Adrei Pisarenco in Orhei, in the former Soviet Union – now known as Moldavia – to a psychologist mother, and an agriculturist father, Andy Fond has had a passion for music since childhood. At 16 he became a Dj, then at 24 he trans-located to France where studied at the Conservatory of Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud and the music school C.I.A.M. Mentored by the famous French composer Patrick Melle, Andy Fond released his first track in “Octava” in 2014. Inspired by the NEO character in The Matrix movie, Andy went on to release two more tracks, entitled “Nature” and “Electra”. These tracks eventually formed part of the album, “Music Zone”.

In 2016 Andy Fond studied sound engineering, working at the Shaman Recording Studios – responsible for production work with many participants in the popular Eurovision Song Contest. Andy who composes within the Electronic and Dance genres, has now released his latest track, entitled “Happy”.

Andy is a noteworthy artist in that he can be lauded for both, moving on and pushing boundaries, while still sticking to his roots and for staying the same. As a producer, there is not a huge gulf between the quality on his first releases and his now latest single, “Happy”. Andy simply started out at the top of his craft and has just got better at refining it.

The giant kick-drum that makes your feet stomp, the smart use of synth sounds and the throbbing basslines are all there. As a producer Andy Fond invents new ways of manipulating sounds, but his instrument selection is as consistent as his production – warm, rhythmic, energetic and insistent, in driving you to the dancefloor.

“Happy” is a perfect summation of who Andy Fond is as a music producer, and for people who follow his style, or are new to his work, this is a wonderful record. The track makes stunning use of minimalism and a few intoxicating vocal samples and synth flourishes, within a sound that can hold you spellbound.

Andy Fond knows how to make a single element of a song jump out and grab you by the ears. “Happy” has the potential to be an absolute smash in any DJ’s box!


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