Temple Tree – “Lost My Ticket” is likely to knock your socks off!

For many, the term multi-genre is intimidating. It conjures up images of an unfocused band and overlong songs stuffed with every conceivable instrument and style possible. Thanks to Kuwait City based band, Temple Tree, that image can be trashed. From the beginning to the end, their EP, “Lost My Ticket” shows the band’s wide range of abilities wrapped in tightly arranged songs – hardly longer than three-and-a-half minutes.  From full out rocking solos to perfectly-articulated vocals, as well as thoroughly-composed, rhythmically and melodically sound compositions, they deliver tracks bathed in blues, reggae, pop and rock. It is this balance of so many areas that makes them as great as they are.

Overall it’s an easy listening and accessible album that any music fan should find a lot to like about. For the most part, the song structures, while smartly complex and layered, sound totally ear-warming. The album opens with a smooth and clean track, “Company” that draws you in and showcases the band’s ability to rock with precision riffs, strums and hooks.

The raw vocals and intense percussion drive the momentum into an infectious groove. Temple Tree is one of those bands that has truly broken the stylistic barrier. It’s clear that they’re no strangers to developing intricate rhythms to go with their complex melodies.

“Turn to Gold” takes their stylistic transcendence into the reggae sphere. You have to love the organ sound that sits comfortably under the strumming guitar and the searching vocals. It has a wonderful descending melody that dances around your ears.

There is succinct purpose and direction, a closeness to detail, and brilliance in the songwriting. All of which explode into a higher level on the sheer uproarious bliss of “Good God Damn”. Stunning rhythmic complexity and energy drives this rocker through the roof. This track is seriously one of the most wonderfully crafted, beautifully played and produced on the EP.

However, nothing is out of place on “Lost My Ticket”, every song seems to perfectly guide you to the next. Smartly balanced in its tempos and intensity, it is one of those rare recordings you are able to listen to all the way through without skipping a single track.

The lead voice is quieter but very present on the title track, “Lost My Ticket”, like the vocalist is singing right into your ear. The smooth and mellow soundscape, dominated by clean guitars and shimmering keys blend in a way that that is simply captivating. This track does a great job of capturing a different side of Temple Tree.

“Midnight Rendezvous” comes out of the box with a jangly guitar and a growling vocal. The track steadily introduces resonating piano notes and thickly rolling basslines in an intoxicating rhythmic-flavored backdrop. The vocals extend and climb to gorgeously intense peaks, showcasing an abundance of natural talent, and is definitely the backbone of this recording. It has that blow-your-mind quality throughout.

Everything about this EP is impacting and it lends great effect to the Temple Tree sound. “Jungle ’19” closes the EP with some more crossbred reggae and ska swagger. It is another joyous jamboree that will make you bounce around the room.

All in all, this EP is outstanding. The grooves, the vocals, the guitars, keys and drums are all inspiringly played. It’s sophisticated and mature, yet at the same time, visceral and raw. Every song sounds as polished as one can imagine.

Signed to The Juke Pro, Temple Tree explores multiple genres, and has chops at every level, but what this EP shows is that that the band indeed have great songwriting chops to go with their instrumental virtuosity.

The energy of the “Lost My Ticket” is likely to knock your socks off on any audio system, and every track possesses the ability to be a massive groove vessel with sky-high potential to really soar during a live setting too. Whatever you do, make sure to listen to this band at least once!


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