The Pierce Project – “Time is Absurd (Favorite Song)” – a memory of records long since forgotten

The music of The Pierce Project achieves what any self-respecting artist strives for: a timeless quality that transcends generational divides and is revered by critics and fans alike. How is that possible? Simple, the band is a collaborative effort by three brothers and the assistance of their dad. Hence influences from various eras abound. They’ve written opiated balladry, catchy pop, and upbeat rock, oozing harmonies, and melodies turned into jet-stream engines. Yet their songs are conspicuously stripped down – the lyrics are legible, guitars sound like guitars, pianos like pianos, and everything is awash with a warm nostalgic feel.

The Pierce Project’s music always sort of feels familiar. Even at their most out there, their music is so great because it feels like something you’ve heard before—a distant memory of pop and rock records long since forgotten.

The band’s latest single, “Time is Absurd (Favorite Song)” from the album Last Days of Summer, is no exception to the rule. The surreal lyrical images pile higher until, at the song’s pillowy climaxes, The Pierce Project delivers their sly explanations. The narrative structure of the reverie uses poetic images and slippery transitions as a soothing sort of romantic déjà vu—you feel like you’ve been here before, even though you obviously haven’t.

What makes this song so compelling, is that the band is able to produce a beautiful modern sound without abandoning their roots. The track recalls the 1960s, yet it also sounds like it has graced to the modern era.

While showcasing their creative vision, the clockwork drumming and luminously vaporous keyboards underscore the lush harmonies, giving listeners a slow-motion yet adrenaline-driving experience. It sounds both clear and hazy enough to fit perfectly in-between many dream pop or surf rock classics.

The Pierce Project approach towards their music is focused on melody, harmony and song construction that balances on the brink of hypnotizingly beautiful. Upon first listen, it’s clear to see that these fellows aren’t trying to win anyone over with anything other than their songwriting and vocal performances, which is damn near impressive.

It’s that strength that lends itself to songs like the ridiculously awesome “Time is Absurd (Favorite Song)”, in which The Pierce Project concoct a mesmerizing melody, which turns to aural spine-tingling when the rich harmonies appear. In other words, it’s difficult not to sit back and relax as the song starts to take hold of your ears.

Using introspection and contemplation, the band prove themselves to be masters of the craft of removing listeners from their current state of mind, inviting them to look inward and outward all in one swoop. There is hardly any empty space in the band’s music. This quartet’s echoing melodies go on for miles while vocals and rhythms always seem to sink into the neighboring sounds perfectly.

Clearly The Pierce Project have listened and learnt from the past, and they’ve adapted their sound for a new generation without losing what makes this music great in the first place. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk in the modern musical era, for sure, but The Pierce Project are walking it deftly and bring to the table a song that shows off their wares.


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