Andon & Opensoul – “Give It To You” – a tapestry of intriguing and dynamic textures!

Raised in Maryland, St. Andrew, Jamaica, pop musician Andon has always had the support and encouragement from his hardworking father and 4 siblings. The singer and songwriter works his day job singing for vacationers in beautiful Negril on the north coast of Jamaica. His undeniable love for music ensures that he never loses the desire to share his musicality. Andon taught himself to play the guitar and has written numerous unreleased songs.

Also from Negril, comes the multi-talented and multi-faceted performer, Opensoul – a singer, songwriter and actor, who featured in Netflix’s reboot of Top Boy. Together, Andon & Opensoul have released their first single “Give It To You”.

Andon & Opensoul have zeroed in on a singular brand of lusty, vibrant and banging Urban R&B and Island Pop that will earn them choice placements the world over. They show off a pair of workmanlike performances set to a colorful rhythmic beat.

The hook is indelible, while the two prove to be sharp melodicists and refined lyricists, closing the gap between their talents, and that of their peers. The vocals are gripping as the story unravels and expands. Andon & Opensoul paint their story without losing a measure of detail and re-create the intoxicating draw of a raunchy club scene using the sound of their voices.

“Give It To You” is a producer’s track. It’s largely and lavishly produced – the beat is a tapestry of intriguing and dynamic textures. The smoldering, stop-on-a-dime bass with drum programming that coyly drops the snare and hi-hats hits where they’re expected. If these guys’ credits don’t rise within the year, it will be a perversion of justice.

Andon & Opensoul have the potential of gifted hit-makers ready to nudge themselves out from behind the world-renowned artists that currently precede them. They seem anxious and ready to step into the spotlight, as this dancefloor scorcher exudes the confidence and professionalism necessary to drive them ahead in the game.

As a crowd mover, “Give It To You” is remarkable throughout its run-time, sweeping the listener up with its catchiness and danceability. These gifted song-smiths entertain with the versatility of their pens, as well as their uncluttered performances, totally underlining their strengths.

Spinning between R&B, Hip-hop and Dancehall flavors, “Give It To You”, is a song of declaration meant for the ladies. “Anything that you want my baby. I’ll give it to you, my baby. Take it you, my baby. You know, you’re driving me crazy.” We’re talking about catchy hooks, soaring melodies and a groove to put you right in the mood.

The merits of which aren’t really up for debate at this point, from the start, you know what you’re going to get with this jam. The abilities of Andon & Opensoul to blend a feel-good, romantic vibe with dance hall derivatives and standard RnB is impressive. Dynamics like these make it possible for the two collaborators to impact a broad crossover audience. There is no doubt that “Give It To You” reflects two artists seriously on the move!

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