Edora – “Wish You Could Stay” – electro-pop complete with retro soul and jazzy flavorings

We know for a fact that a lot of great pop music comes out of Europe. The variety that’s produced from this continent has captured the attention of generations of listeners and continues to do so to this day. This is the case for the Swedish trio Edora, who are looking to make a major dent in the global market. The electro-pop and soul collective Edora, is made up of three friends hailing from Stockholm. Earlier this year, they dropped their EP “Solutions” which immediately intertwined you with its spacious cinematic production sound and distinct soulful vocals. The EP offers alluring transformations that ping-pong between various atmospheres, mostly awash with thick synth and piano backdrops.

During this month, the trio dropped their latest single, entitled “Wish You Could Stay”. “This is something totally different from what we’re used to creating in the studio,” explains Edora. “We decided to combine the very odd mix of up-tempo jazz with a modern electronic sound. The master file was actually secretly rendered inside the Spotify Secret Genius studio in Metropolis, London.”

“Wish You Could Stay” inhabits a cool, sleek production that creates a fantastic catchy atmosphere, along with vocals that have swing-pop talents to boot. This is the kind of finger-snapping eclectic sound, you’d expect from Paloma Faith or Caro Emerald. It’s a must have for anyone who enjoys leaning back and bobbing their head to a sweet soul-stirring beat.

It really gives you that cool vibe that makes you feel like a swaggering top dog when you’re walking downtown with your earbuds blasting. The chorus is a perfect fit for the song and makes you want to sing along in the background with your sunglasses on. The drum beat is simple yet it will get your appreciation when it’s making your head pulsate.

Brilliant, catchy and extremely groovy enough to get jiggy with, “Wish You Could Stay” also boasts a bubbling bassline and some shimmering guitar interludes, which sink their teeth into you. Of course, as impactful as everybody is in this group, it goes without saying that the front lady’s attractive demeanor, and her exceptional vocal work is at the forefront of what soon becomes a glorious two-and-a-half-minute run time.

Her soulful voice cannot be faulted and lends itself to creating something with a modern feel, yet has the potential to stand the test of time. “Wish You Could Stay” sees her deliver a slice of sassy electro-pop complete with retro soul and jazzy flavorings.

Although spiced with current production technology, there are powerful organic elements at play on “Wish You Could Stay”, as it delivers a swinging finger-snapping rhythm and attention-grabbing vocals. Smooth and easy, this track is unique and strong throughout, with a tinge of both melancholy and hope.

Not sure why Edora isn’t dominating every single chart in the world right now, but the voices, songwriting, and all over production is in that league. This is great music from start to finish. The trio put their Swedish stamp on proceedings with an effortlessly cool record – pushing their own personal angle for contemporary electronic music.


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