“Ashes To Ashes” undoubtedly captures Grand Rezerva at their best!

Looking back on the rock scenes that flourished during the ‘80s, ‘90s and the ‘00s, the bands that still stay true to those core sounds, and  most importantly, still sound relevant, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Grand Rezerva is one such band. They came to be in 2009 and have since conquered the media, critics and fans alike, all across the globe. Their music has featured on radio, in podcasts and films. In 2014 they released their first full-length album which garnered the Swedish band their first shows in the United States.

They blasted off 2019 with a single entitled “Hellhound” which was mixed and mastered by Beau Hill (Ratt, Alice Cooper, Europe, Gary Moore), and then followed that up with “Nowhere Bound”. The band, who has toured with Nazareth and Michael Monroe, now close off the year with yet another brand new track, entitled “Ashes To Ashes”.

Michael C. Svensson (Vocals), Andreas Lundberg (Guitar), Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson (Guitar), Thomas Helgesson (Drums) and Zoak (Bass), once again bring to the table a sound that is a heavy, energetic affair, but at the same time, simple and radio-friendly. As fans fully embrace its dirty grooves and uncanny guitar-driven vibe, Grand Rezerva catered to their wishes and rapidly compile a stunning number of anthemic melodic hooks which Svensson brings to the fore.

Starting off rather quietly, he rapidly jumps into grinding verses and soaring choruses. If you crave the heavy and emotional landscapes of pumping rock n’ roll, there really aren’t many tracks in the last few years quite like “Ashes To Ashes”.

This song is both raw, and beautiful at the same time. The band’s chemistry is undeniable, and every member has a place to shine – from the guitars, to the bass and the drums, they can be soothing, technical or deliver unbridled aggression.

“Ashes To Ashes” is both hook-laden and complex, featuring an echoing chorus that fluidly coalesces into an elaborate triumph of vocal range, melody and guitar tones, which continue to set the band apart from their peers.

Grand Rezerva have the potential of being a hit-making machine of a band and this track is prove of that craftsmanship. There can be no qualms with the high caliber, driving rock that the band have served up here.

“Ashes To Ashes” undoubtedly captures Grand Rezerva at their best, where emotional intensity, searing vocals and blisteringly heavy riffs collide head on with banging drums, to produce a polished song that will stick in your head for days. Should we call it their best achievement so far? Coming from a band that for me already has 3 best singles this year, it’s safe to say this one proudly sits among them.

It amazes me how Grand Rezerva manage to maintain such a consistent output. They never sound boring, always tweaking their overall sound in small amounts, so that you’ll be constantly surprised.  As 2019 comes to an end, Grand Rezerva, are most definitely afloat and making good headway into the new year!


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