Lyndon Rivers – “Keep Your Heart” – honed in on the connection between electronic and pop

The Lyndon Rivers story is one of an artist turning each diversified release into an independently sustained career. He has been paving the way in a niche of crunchy and melodic electro-house that wasn’t being done by other contemporaries. He has released a bunch of singles that are popular online. He has worked with a quite a few singers and cemented his place as a producer who can easily glide between pop and electronic music. His songs are honed in on the connection between electronic and pop, with big pop hooks, while still finding his broader electronic sound.  Now at the close of 2019, he invites fans back into his world with a brand new single, entitled “Keep Your Heart”.

The opening keys and percussion sets the tone for this track right from the start with a bass thumping before transitioning into a soaring lead vocal and some funky synths. The verses adds something different with a blend of delightful electro effects and the softer female vocal before dropping heavily into the punctuating bridge.

Lyndon Rivers captures both the intimacy and the large, epic feeling of this track. Busy percussion match the rumbling basslines, which meet soaring vocals while Rivers adds skittering snares and hi-hats as the song progresses. Lyndon Rivers has generally allowed other artists to sing on his records, but with “Keep Your Heart” he takes that a step further with an excellent female lead vocal.

There are moments where the songstress add a soulful and heavenly feeling to the track, but it is the Australian-Englishman who looks to put the shiny touches to the song. He often uses warm keys and deep basslines to give the vocals a more bite which he blend with the banging drums he uses in certain fractions of the song.

“Keep Your Heart” shows many twists and turns before reaching the end, as the singer laments: “Don’t want your love. So you can keep your heart tonight. Don’t give it up, I see who you are tonight,” before getting into more boisterous electronic elements.

The song blends together easily, flipping from one element to the next without trying to do too much. Each segment has its own theme, motif, and rhythm but fits perfectly into the overall vision of this track. There are some similarities between Rivers’ previous single outings, but this new track is another step further in this new direction that feels more organic and authentic to Lyndon Rivers.

I know I keep saying this on each subsequent release, but truth be told, “Keep Your Heart” is Rivers’ best work yet, and what a way to cap off a year that has seen him grow immensely from the year before. The new single eases us back into in Lyndon Rivers’ world with a comforting sense of familiarity brought by Rivers’ singles that we have already come to know and love during 2019.

In fact, the genius thing about this new single, is how truly connected it feels towards each and every song Rivers has released this year. It’s clear that he had an extremely clear vision in his head of what he wanted his musical world to look and sound like this year, and executed it completely flawlessly.



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