Sandra Esparza – A direct approach that is genuine and sincere

Singer-songwriter Sandra Esparza has a voice that is both crystalline and earthy. She delivers notes like healing crystals; lustrous, pastel quartz meant to carry purposeful energy. Sandra is proof that pop songs do carry weight and meaning, especially for the songwriter.

Sandra Esparza

I was especially attracted to songs like “Patient For the Sun” and “Space Between the Leaves”, both of which display her honest and elegant performances which cut straight to the core. With simple guitar-strummed backing, or at times a piano, Sandra delivers clean, clarifying music which reflects her feelings and emotional state.

Even in its live and raw recording conditions, Sandra Esparza’s voice is fantastic, exhibiting great control and confidence across her entire register; great highs and lows while not overdoing it. Her voice is soothing to the soul, and plenty sassy when it wants to be, while her performances are incredibly honest and intelligent, as she resonates her emotions. She is a treat, a rare find in today’s jumble of so much glossy, sound-alike junk.

It’s almost in your face with how direct her approach and music is. It is extremely genuine and sincere without trying to give that impression like many other artists attempt to do. Clearly Sandra Esparza has the type of raw and pure talent that would definitely elevate to the next level with the right kind of musical arranging, instrumentation and production.

You can check out Sandra jamming and singing on her YOUTUBE channel, be sure to LIKE and COMMENT.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I will be posting more videos everyday so stay tuned for some new covers and originals.

    If you would like to ask me any questions you can feel free to email me. I would love yo answer them.

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