Luna Heist – “The Heist” raises her own high bar of excellence!

Luna Heist began singing at the age of 3, and her passion for music only increased with age. At age 7, she was playing piano and participating in school and church plays, and got her start as a rapper by the age of 12. A born performer, Luna is also a high powered lyricist and a songwriter. She has played alongside Janice Marie Johnson from the Grammy award-winning band A Taste of Honey, and opened for major celebrities like Slick Rick and Keith Murray.  Women’s power, as a source of strength, intellect, emotion and, most importantly, life, has been a recurring theme in modern times, even a male dominated genre like hip-hop had to eventually succumb to the law of female attraction. Suddenly female rappers were all over the charts and dominating TV and live shows. Moreover, many were lauded for their technical and lyrical talents and not just taken on face value.

Luna Heist belongs to this lineage. Like her pen, the emcee’s focus only sharpened on a plethora of projects and peer collaborations. During it all, the Brooklyn-based product kept pace without ever compromising quality or substance. Luna’s latest effort, “The Heist”, is an exclamation point in her journey.

This respected artist rises to seamlessly meet the times with this record which puts her talents on a pedestal. Out of the conceptual demonstration emerges a potential role-model, a creative young visionary, and one of the most promising up and coming female emcees in the game.

Luna Heist represents a spectrum of inspirations, not least her favorites, The Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z. Beyond her sharp verses and clever wordplay, Luna treats her voice like an instrument that only she controls. She is an emcee, who can shape-shift her party as desired.

It provides a dynamic artist with range and unpredictability. The three-and-a-half minute listen to “The Heist”, is rich without feeling weighty, thoughtful without feeling cerebral. On it, Luna is raising her own high bar of excellence. The overarching sound, production and instrumentation on the track are also outstanding.

“The Heist” is an exemplary portrayal of the heart and soul of the genre with euphonic female vocals flowing smoothly with the dynamic tone. With this new single, it’s undeniable that Luna Heist is just about ready to outpace all of her peers.

She’s witty and there’s almost a playfulness in her usage of metaphor and wordplay. She sounds like she honed and perfected her pen. Luna doesn’t just rap or spit bars, but rather tells a story. She defiantly gives voice to that oft-ignored sovereignty through songs unwaveringly dedicated to exploring, exemplifying, and exalting the diverse facets of their experience.

Though she can rip a mic to shreds with the best of them, with “The Heist”, Luna is out to show and prove, she’s well-equipped for aiming at far weightier goals. Being a dope rapper is admirable, but being able to transition to great, is even better. This track confirms that Luna Heist has potential to take the next step into greatness.


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