Amel D – “I’m Your Rain” shimmers with gritty electric beauty!

A prolific singer and songwriter, as well as being a well-known entrepreneur and business women, twenty-six-year-old Asian artist Amel D recently dropped her latest single “I’m Your Rain” to critical acclaim and fan delight. This is the second single taken from her album 2020 album “Cross To Hell”. Amel D has an amazing voice – sweet and angelic at times, fierce and hardcore at others. Her songwriting is deep, as is her storytelling as well. She’s such a talented woman and I’m glad she has put out such great music as this.

“I’m Your Rain” has lyrics that are as great as any she’s ever written, and riffs that stick with you. This is easily one of the best female driven rock track in months. Even if you are not a fan of her yet, this track will rock you.

Say what you want about Amel D, her songwriting is completely real, raw and is every ounce of her being. She is one of the few artists that puts all of herself out there in her music no matter how happy or painfully dark it is in that time of her life. She wails, she screams, and she’d push you if you she could get close enough. This is soul-baring honesty.

If you like your rock hard, raw and edgy – Amel D should be your favorite sweetheart. “I’m Your Rain” is a mid-tempo, high octane kick ass soundtrack for the ones in love. The track punches full throttle as Amel D sings: “I got something in my head / Just for second minutes / I falling love with someone / Wake me up after rain.”

Amel D is rocking on a pure and cosmic level on “I’m Your Rain”, and as a declaration of intent, it’s hard to find anything better in the female rock world right now.

The track jangles, builds, and roars, cresting at the chorus mark. There’s a certain vital sensitivity to this track that lifts it high above most corporate rock tunes you get to hear these days.

Given Amel D has a way with guttural roars and rasps, she takes her vocal ability to new levels this time around. For those who want real rock and roll, not the watered down, regurgitated, slop masquerading on music TV and most radio stations as hard core rock, this is the girl. Ms. Amel D’s energy, lyricism, vocal power and raw talent is unmistakable.

In a world of shallow TV talent show stupidity, we need artists like Amel D. She is beautiful, talented, and she can rock. She’s the real deal and the world should be just about ready for a female Asian rock star right now.

Amel D packs a very strong punch, displaying a pristine raw energy on “I’m Your Rain”, matching anything put out by an artist yet this year. Vocally and emotionally engaging, Amel D shimmers with gritty electric beauty. This record will blow you away!

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