Lyndon Rivers – ‘In Your Smile’ – wrapping escapism together with an inescapable hook!

‘In Your Smile’, the latest single by Producer Lyndon Rivers is a triumph; a good-time track of wall-to-wall highs with a carefree, pop feel and more than enough cool points to see him embraced by the hipster EDM crowd as well as holding on to the pop kids. Set to a stomp-and-clap beat that never over asserts itself, the breezy collaboration makes the most of the singer’s talents that infuses his verses with just the right amount of playful braggadocio. It also happens to be the perfect jam for Saturday night, wrapping escapism together with an inescapable hook: “You’re driving me wild. It’s all in your smile.” ‘In Your Smile’ sets the tone for a track that bobs and sways, and more than anything else, bangs; this one will get plenty of play in Vegas, and it’ll be at the daytime pool parties just as much as in the clubs.

Initially it seems as if Lyndon Rivers has abandoned the gigantic EDM beats that fueled earlier hits, trading them in for noodly synths, neo-disco bass lines, and pop hooks. But it’s not long before the heavy machinery sets in.

The track is a sure sign that Rivers knows exactly what he’s doing, in trading pure EDM for something that sounds more like aggressive popness raised to an art form. He’s even given his guest vocalist some much-needed room to let loose while Lyndon casually stands in the background, allowing him to take the spotlight. Something Rivers has constantly done on previous vocal tracks.

Here Lyndon Rivers unloads his biggest bass lines and springiest synths, while his featured guest vocalist gives him his most carefree choruses and verses in years. If you find yourself riding in your car during summer, with the windows down, ‘In Your Smile’ should be on your go-to playlist to put on the stereo.

Rivers has re-invented his sound to the point where I became quite interested with how this track was going to play out. He never sounds repetitive either which is important because sometimes producers will start to create stale music on a regular basis.

Lyndon does the exact opposite, as each single he releases brings a sense of uniqueness to it.  Although it’s an old school design, the formulation of each track has a fresh and modern spice to it. On ‘In Your Smile’, Lyndon Rivers still stays true to himself and hits on all levels with his unconventional EDM-Pop sound.

He is rarely scatter-brained and he makes sure that the singers stay above water on his beats, which is what happens here. The production is so catchy that it’s impossible to not sing to, especially over the lively summery beat.

Once again, Lyndon Rivers proves he is more artful than most of his contemporaries in the electronic/dance/pop genre.  He makes his message clear with fans and with the singers that he’s able to pull together as features.  The final product is something that most music lovers should be jamming too no matter where they are this summer.


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